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Jade had an accident yesterday afternoon at Morton Pond in ND. She was life flighted to MeritCare in Fargo. She is currently on a ventilator and has severe pneumonia. She is surrounded by people right now praying for her recovery. Any thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who was there for Jade.  All the prayers and visits, comments, and support. Unfortunately Jade passed away this morning at 3:00am. She went into cardiac arrest twice and she just could not take CPR for the third time. So her daddy and her mom made the hardest decision of their lives which was to let her rest. We love her so much and again thanks to everyone


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Jade just squeezed grandma's hand a few moments ago. She seems to be responding to her voice. Read more

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Had all the kids out for Christmas last night, wish you were here with us even though I know you were. Have a wonderful Christmas Love you. Read more

Bonita Erickson signed Jade's Guestbook.

Today the whole country is in shock over the latest school shooting in CT. So hard to believe that this could happen to innocent children. Jade I know you will comfort ... Read more

Bonita Erickson signed Jade's Guestbook.

Hey little girl, Hope you got the balloon we sent you for your birthday. We will get together on Wed and have a big balloon release for you. Sure do miss you baby. Love ... Read more

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Hello my little angle!!!! Today your 7 yrs old!! Hope you are having a big party in heaven!! Tomorrow me, hoffer and the kids are going out to grandma and grandpa to have ... Read more

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Hey Jaders! I miss you so much! I'll never forget you! You're always close to my heart and never stray far from my thoughts. I love you baby girl! Though I still wish you ... Read more

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Hello my beautiful angel! i haven't been very good about writing to you! i'm sorry i will more often! i think about you every single day baby girl!! i miss you like ... Read more

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Hello Princess, we are on our way to the school for the Christmas program. I will be thinking of you and wishing that you were here with all of your friends, singing. I ... Read more

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Hello my shining star :) we are going to fargo today celebrate clarissa's 6th birthday. her wish was to have you come with!! she misses you soo much, we all miss you so ... Read more

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