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Jada’s Story

Jada is 8 years old and is the oldest of 5 kids. She has 2 younger sisters Emery(6) Naomi (1) & 2 younger brothers Silas(4) Matthias (4). Jada was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma(Bone cancer) when she was 5 and had chemo. The cancer had not spread when we found it. Jada had to have her leg amputated on 10/2/11, she is now an above knee amputee but it does not hold her back. They tested the tumor and it was 100 percent dead of cancer and it still has not spread! She is now finished with chemo, Jada is a strong girl and loves the Lord.  Jada has inspired so many already and we believe she will continue to do so.

Latest Journal Update

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany hamilton has a new inspiring documentary coming out but she needs help funding it, i am trying to get a meet and great/ special showing with Bethany in our area but we have to raise $10,000 as a group. Is anyone willing to donate money with us to meet Bethany and so Jada can meet one of her favorite people? Email me the amount you could donate, we will add it up then somehow donate as a group to get the meet and great!! Let me know!!