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  • Written Oct 21, 2009 11:00am

    I just spoke with Johnny - they are preparing Jacque to transport to Portland. She will be leaving at noon today. They are putting her on the bypass machine and taking her by ambulance so that the air pressure will not affect her, they feel this will be the safest route.

    As I am sure you understand, with movement being an issue - this can potentially be a difficult ride for her. Please pray for her comfort and safety on this ride.

    Johnny and his family will follow them up, we will bring the trailer to them later - once they know she has stabilized. They have arranged to park it in a friends driveway as Emmanual does not have RV spaces for visiting family.

    The following are needs and prayer requests:

    -Please pray for Jacques safe arrival in Portland, that she remains stable on the trip, and wisdom for the team that will be traveling with her.

    -Please pray for her families safety as they follow her up, they are fatigued and very emotionally drained.

    -Please pray for their family that remains behind, for their health and emotional strength.

    -Please pray for their finances, this is a trying time for them.

    -We will be loading the trailer for them today if you can provide supplies etc. please contact me.

    -Please donate what you can to this family - we will be sending them with travel funds today. You can go to any Bank of America - Jacquelyn Cordero Medical Fund

    -If you know Christian's in Portland that can provide prayerful support to the Cordero's I am sure it would be greatly appreciated.

    -Please pass this link along to your prayer chains and christian friends.
  • Written Oct 20, 2009 1:05pm

    Jacque remained stable throughout the night. The doctor noted that it appears she declines or "crashes" when she is moved. They will need to move her today due to some aggressive bed sores and the pneumonia. Her lungs are continuing to worsen at this point so moving her is important. This is obviously cause for concer and they will re-evaluate her at the end of the day. Again Johnny and Carolyn are waiting until the Doctor evaluates the tests at the end of the day to find out if it will be necessary to move Jacque to Portland.

    Updates and specific prayer requests are as follows:

    -Johnny is spending the day dealing with Jacque's personal business (isn't it funny how in these situations we can forget that the world keeps turning and business needs to be attended to). Please pray for wisdom as he handles these issues today.

    -We are preparing the travel trailer in the event they need to leave. They do not want it at the hospital with them, they are really feeling the need to keep "home" as their base right now. We will however, stock it and prepare it - anything that is not used will be given to the family later.

    -They are going to continue with their church service tonight as they usually do. Please pray that Jacque remains stable during this time and that they receive a tremendous amount of support from their small church body.

    -A bank account at Bank of America has been set up - it is under Jacquelyn Cordero Medical Fund, Jacque is uninsured.

    -Please pray for strength and peace for the family.

    -Please pray specifically for Jacque as they move her today.

    Thank you for your prayers.

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