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  • Written Oct 26, 2009 5:38pm

    Thank you for your continued prayers and support...

     Johnny contacted us today - they were able to speak with the social worker and apparently they did not recieve the correct information. There ARE a small number of RV spaces at the hospital!!

    God's timing is perfect, tomorrow is their last day at the hotel and so the plan is to bring the trailer up tomorrow. What this means is that it is time to stock it full for them:

    The following are the needs:

    -Groceries : Johnny is diabetic, he mentioned that they eat a lot of salads and fruit. Snacks for their 2yr old grandson, breakfast food, items for meals, snacks (microwavie popcorn I hear is a favorite), bottled water, diet sodas, they are grateful for whatever is provided!

    -Linens for the trailer, we have some but not for a family of 4 or 5.

    -2 year old activities - I dont think that anyone wants to be cooped up with a bored 2 yr old.

    -Games/Pinocchle/cards for the adults while they wait, with that close of quarters and all of the "waiting", johnny agreed that it might be a good distraction - at least for the people remaining in the trailer while they visit Jacquelyn.

    -Help with their laundry locally in portland , the laundromat is expensive and posing a problem as they need to sit and wait for their laundry and do not like being unavailable.

    -Paper products, paper towels, plates, TP etc.

    -Small TV and DVD player.

    Please pass this message along - we will be preparing the trailer to leave tomorrow. If you would like to donate some much needed items please contact me at the email address to the right on this page.

    Thank you and many blessings!

  • Written Oct 26, 2009 2:54pm

    This is an important update - the family has requested your continued prayer and faith. Johnny has been very clear about wanting to limit all of the details regarding her status as he does not want to limit God...he wants to leave it up to God what will happen to Jacque and not the Medical prognosis..however, I know many of you really want full details so that you can pray specifically.

    Jacquelyn is still holding, however, the Doctors are concerned about several issues. Jacque bleeding internally and externally from several areas - they will be doing a full CT scan today. There is an unknown shadow in her right lung, she is more swolled but the infection is better. The Doctors are expecting that additional complications could develop. The Doctors still cannot say whether they believe she will make it through this...she is however, holding and for that we are very grateful!

    We are so grateful for your continued support, we know that the family is fatigued please keep them lifted up as well. They have family and friends coming to support them please pray for their safe travels.

    Please keep their continued needs in prayer, the doctors feel that this is going to be a long process - they have asked the family to stay close to the hospital. We are doing everything we can to make this happen.

    Thank you again...

  • Written Oct 25, 2009 7:22pm

    This has been an eye opening day...I apologize for such a long post but please bear with me...

    Jacquelyn is holding. Yesterday ended up to be a difficult day, they performed a bronchoscopy and she dropped for a while before regaining her current oxygenation.

    Currently her oxygenation is improved, and her lungs are showing slight improvement. She is still very swollen and they are continuing to keep her blood thinned to prevent clotting. The Doctors are concerned that she is having some internal bleeding around the femoral artery tubing and so they may be scheduling another surgery today - please keep her lifted up as this will be the third day of procedures.

    I inquired about the other two patients, Zach Painter from Medford and the other patient that was recently admitted. Both Zach and the other patient have been moved off of the bypass machines and are making progress. We are working on getting ahold of Zach's family as I know several people have voiced interest in reaching out to them as well.

    We had a guest speaker today at Church - he spoke on loving one another and sharing one anothers burdens. A couple of things came to mind - immediately I thought of the Cordero's - their life has been dedicated to sharing the burdens of others. Johnny absolutely lit up when he heard that people were asking about Zach and his family - he was so excited to hear that we had been lifting them up and that people wanted to reach out to them as well. The other thing that came to mind, was how difficult it is for us sometimes to reach out. I think often times we just don't know what to do, it is uncomfortable and we feel vulnerable.

    I believe that when the body of Christ moves to reach out, when we get uncomfortable, when we step outside of ourselves, this is when we see the hand of God like never before. So, I challenge all of us to get stirred up, not just for the Cordero's, in fact I think Jacque would love the fact that we are reaching out to others as well - that her weakness right now brought about the opportunity for someones life to be touched. I challenge us as the body of Christ to lift up the sick, the families that are struggling to understand and work through such a difficult time - I challenge us to get out of our comfort zones and help shoulder this burden.

    I know several of you have talked about helping the other families - we are happy to help coordinate in any way that we can.

    Thank you and much love~

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