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  • Written Oct 31, 2009 1:32pm

    Jacquelyn has been removed from the ECMO machine...she is now on the oscilatting ventilator.  The family is waiting for news of bloodwork to evaluate the level of infection in her blood. The Doctors are still calling her unstable and critical - we are hoping that the move from the ECMO machine is a sign that her body will begin to heal.

    Please pray for her response to this, for her body to begin healing and for the families continued strength as they wait in faith.

    I am not certain if the family has access to internet right now - since they have moved to the trailer. I received a text message last night as an update and that yesterday they did not have access. Please feel free to send me an email with any questions or messages and I will pass those along.

    Thank you for your continued support - your prayers and your kindness.

    For those of you who feel led to give - there is a bank account at Bank of America - The Jacquelyn Cordero Medical Fund. We have raised enough so far to help them stay in their hotel and for a small amount of food money. Jacquelyn is uninsured and we hope to raise funds to help the family when she is released - with medication, supplies and ongoing Medical expenses. Thank you for all that you have done - God has perfect timing and provision.

    We will continue to update as results come back from this change - we pray that God is glorified through the faith of His people.

    Thank you and much love~
  • Written Oct 30, 2009 11:17am

    The trailer arrived safely in Portland and the family is very grateful for all that many of you have blessed them with. They have been moving slowly over and giving themselves some time to rest, have a little bit of privacy and make themselves at home.

    This week has been very difficult as the family waits for news on Jacquelyns prognosis. The Doctors are doing what they can to give her lungs a chance to heal. They originally tried to move her completely over to the ECMO machine, while slowing down and almost removing the oscillating ventilator, the goal in this was to take all of the work away from her lungs, let them rest and heal. After observing her for 48hrs and not seeing her respond to this they have begun to use the oscillating ventilator again. They are now doing almost a dialysis with her lungs - draining the fluid and watching to see her response. As of last night they felt that she may be responding to this. They will observe again for 24-48hrs and make a determination. It is important that they be able to remove her from the ECMO machine soon, it neutralizes her platelets which in turn causes internal bleeding - she is currently receiving 5-8 pints of blood a day.

    The Doctors right now are looking for signs of Jacque responding to treatment, they are looking for signs that her body can and will begin healing.

    Jacquelyn IS a miracle. Johnny shared with one of the Doctors that is not a Christian - as he was relaying to Johnny the medical facts and possible prognosis, Johnny stopped him and told him that although he understands medical facts - there is something much bigger at work. He then shared with the Doctor - that Jacquelyn and her twin were 3 months premature, the prognosis for Jacquelyn at that time was that she had a 0% chance of survival, her sister 10%. They are now 30 years old, so YES God is very much in control and 30 years ago decided that Jacquelyn and her sister were meant to be here. We stand in faith that God very much has Jacquelyn in His hands.

    After my husband spent some time with Johnny - he shared with me that he was overwhelmed by the Corderos faith, kindness, and commitment to God, their familly and their friends. Johnnys sense of peace and his commitment to his family in this time of need is remarkable.

    As a mother I ask you to keep Carolyn uplifted, there is nothing that can describe watching your child hurt and being unable to remove that from them.

    Thank you for your continued prayer and support, we ask that you pray for the Doctors wisdom, that God's hand continue to be on Jacquelyn and the family, and that people continued to be moved to reach out to them.

    Thank you and much love~

  • Written Oct 28, 2009 11:17am

    Thank you for your prayers and support, we come to you this morning asking you to join us in praying for God's continual hand in this.

    We ask that you lift up the Cordero's as they wait on the Lord for His plan to be revealed. We ask that you pray for wisdom for the Doctor's and medical staff. We stand in faith knowing that God has Jacquelyn firmly in His loving grasp.

    The trailer is on it's way up to Portland this morning, please pray for safe travel and a smooth transition for the family. Thank you for your giving as we stocked up the trailer, many of you emailed, called and came by to drop off items - it was very special meeting with you and witnessing your love for this family.

    Jacque is not progressing as the Doctors have hoped she would, the family continues to stand in faith. This has been a difficult few days for the them as Jacque fights the many complications that come with being unstable for this long. Please keep them continually lifted up.

    We stand in faith that God, the almighty - the alpha and the omega - is firmly in control, and has Jacque in His arms.

    Thank you and much love~

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