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  • Written Nov 5, 2009 10:16am

    Jacques family sent this to me early today:

    Jacque continues to hold and is still listed as critical and unstable.  She looks much better and is now opening her eyes and recognizing us!  She cries when is feels discomfort or when we let her know that we’re leaving, so we keep stroking and talking to her until she is in a deep sleep, then quietly slip out.  It is terribly painful to leave her now.  Tonight, Carolyn and I came back to the hospital to see if they were going to give her a sedative for the night, which they are.  Otherwise, one of us would have stayed with her throughout the entire night so that she will not wake up and feel alone.

    With some exception, Jacque’s blood gases and vital signs hold pretty well.  Her lungs are still very bad and no healing has begun.  We found out today that one of the specialist believes that the shadow in Jacque’s right lung is dead tissue.  No matter the duration of her recovery, she will never be the same with respect to conventional medicine.  Blood clots continue to be a big issue.  There are clots in her legs and in her right lung.  She is receiving medication to prevent the clots from growing.  Jacque’s swelling has gone down in her hands.  Her legs are still pretty extended as is her abdomen.  All of the tubes have been removed from her mouth and the only tube left is her feeding tube through her nose..

    The incoming doctor told us that Jacque and “Zack” are the test models for treating this H1N1 virus.  They are the first and worst cases in the Pacific Northwest.  Most of the data that the doctors are using came from Australia, where doctors kept meticulous records of how the swine flu hit them.  The doctor also told us that Jacque has at least another 4 weeks through the primary recovery process.  Any number of complications may develop that could cause her to die.  Folks, we are in uncharted territory.  The more the doctors tell us to be cautious, the more we stand firm in the Lord.  We have a growing peace that Jacque is proceeding according to God’s plan.

    Projecting as best we can, we expect to be here in Portland at least through Thanksgiving and we’re tentatively looking at how we’ll celebrate Christmas here.  I finished most of the paperwork to get Jacque’s medical bills paid.  It appears that this will go very well for her.  I have also completed Medicaid and Medicare applications and Social Security Disability benefits.

    Please continue to pray for the family, keep them lifted up and praise God for the work that He has done.

    For those of you who have requested information on Tom Rollason Jacques uncle (he was injured on a mission in Afghanastan) I have included an update below from her family:

    Tom is now in the midst of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Lots of challenges and lots of questions for which, very often, there is no answer.


    No progress on Tom’s heart.  His right side continues to not work and the doctors pretty much have said that there is nothing they can do.  What challenges this will pose in the future are yet unknown.  We just found out that Tom also has a left atrial enlargement.  So we continue to make Tom’s heart a large part of our prayer focus.


    A secondary problem: Tom is now feeling numbness in parts of his body, namely from his waist through his hips.  Doctors don’t know how far it will extend and whether time will reverse the process.  For now, his legs have feeling.  Another item to bring before the Lord.  At some point, Tom will be given the choice of going to Minneapolis, MN, or Tampa, FL to a spinal cord rehab center.  We know that he has a wrap-around cage from his spine around his chest that will eventually have to be removed.  Hardware in his elbow and ankle will remain permanently.

     Finally, the injuries to Tom’s face will not be treated further.  A gritty feeling in his jaw is supposed to eventually go away.  So much for the physical.

    Emotionally, Tom is now faced with his therapy and a decision on whether or not to stay in the Army.  He has a strong sense of loyalty to the military, but there are issues of family and promotability.  Tom is a go-getter with tons of energy to “do.”  Yet the task of facing a lengthy recovery process is overwhelming.  There is guilt, though underserved, that he should live while others have died, frustration at not being able to do simple things, and a growing awareness that he may never do certain things that he may have taken for granted before.  How does one deal with loss of such massive proportions?  How does one attain normalcy after such a devastating experience?  This is the kind of healing only God can offer.

    Spiritually, Tom and Sandee remain relatively strong.  With rare breaks, they maintain a pretty regular practice of morning devotions, prayer and fellowship.  There is now a loneliness that only communion with fellow-believers and close friends can dissipate.  If any have plans to visit Tom and Sand in Washington D.C., please be sure to let me know.  I will very soon be publishing a contact for coordinating visits to maximize the benefit to Tom’s healing process.


    Sandee is stay at the hospital almost every night. Please pray for strength and opportunities for her to rest.  Sometimes, she feels as if she can’t take anymore.  She is seeing a doctor there and is now being tested for diabetes.  Please pray that the Lord may remove any additional burden from falling on this godly couple.  They have already gone through so much and remained faithful.

    Thank you for your support and much love~

  • Written Nov 4, 2009 10:10am

    Jacque has opened her eyes! It looks like just possibly God is creating a second miracle in her life.

    She is now on the regular ventilator, her lungs are still bad and the greatest concern. She is still listed as critical and unstable - but she is heading in the right direction! They anticipate that she will be fully concious within the next 48 hours.

    Please pray that she is strong when she becomes concious, that she is without pain and fear. Please pray for her continued healing and the miraculous hand of God upon her.

    The family is hanging in there and so blessed by all of your prayers and support.

    As Jacque begins to turn the corner the family will begin looking at just what her healing process will be. She is uninsured and as you know an adult with responsibilities. We have raised enough money to help them with food and shelter while they have been up there. We earnestly pray that we will be able to raise enough money to help them during the long recovery process. If you feel led to give, or to put together a fund raiser you can contact me or go to Bank of America - The Jacquelyn Cordero Medical Fund.

    Thank you and much love~
  • Written Nov 1, 2009 7:00pm

    I received this update from Johnny today - it so beautifully shows who this family is that I decided to copy it here for you all to read. ...Keep praying and lifting this family up. We know that God sees us hears us and responds in His time and His perfect way...


    I am in the hospital as I write – first opportunity to find a place where I could sit, think and write.  Very little has happened in the last few days while, at the same time, much is changed.  This is a hard report to write because I neither want to sound too  optimistic because of our faith, not too pessimistic because of the cautions from the doctors.  Suffice it to say, we have a long way to go and Jacque is still in critical condition and considered unstable.


    The GOOD News:


    Jacque has been off the by-pass machine for three days and seems to be holding well.  She is on a vibrating ventilator so she is still being kept in a semi-conscious state.  This morning, she was moved from the ICU into another ICU – the MCICU (medicine/cardiac) which does NOT deal this by-pass machines.  This means that Jacque has remained consistent enough that there is no likelihood she will be placed back on the by-pass machine!  Jacque’s blood pressure and blood gases are still dipping when she is moved, but she is recovering faster and seems to be keeping pretty good numbers.


    The BAD News:


    Jacque still has clotting issues.  We found out last night that she has had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in her lung) for quite some time.  This is in addition to the blood clots in her legs.  So she has been placed back on the Heparin which helps to keep the clots from growing.  This is causing her to bleed again, especially through her nose.  Jacque’s blood pressure is better but still high.  She developed a rash two days ago and there is no real explanation for it.  Her lungs remain the biggest obstacle and she still has the unidentified shadow in her right lung.


    Family News:


    This morning, I let Jacque know that I had to leave because I couldn’t stand any longer. (I have had serious back and leg pain for the last three days.)  As I turned to leave, Jacque shed tears and her heart rate went up.  It broke my heart!  I assured her that I would return and that I was going to get her sisters to come in.  All in all, a positive experience for us all.  Even though Jacque occasionally hears us, she doesn’t remember beyond a few seconds.  Yet, it is clear that we do make a difference AND that she feels very much alone when one of us isn’t there.


    We are alone now after a series of visits from family.  We are grateful for everything that God has provided for us.  We are a little sluggish and sometimes a little touchy.  But we are growing in our optimism that God is brining all of our prayers to fruition.  Praise God!


    Please keep in mind that Jacque is nowhere near out of danger.  The Internal Medicine doctor describes it as a “couple of steps forward, a step back.”  Anything can change at a moment’s notice.  For now, Jacque is heading in the right direction!  We hope to report more wonderful news very shortly.  I will only have email access every couple of days, so I will do my best to keep everyone up to speed.


    Until next time: may the glory of the Lord be made manifest through your lives as you continue to serve Him and bear witness of His wonderful salvation.

      In Christ,

    Pastor Johnny Cordero

    Lambs Acres Ministries

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