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  • Written Nov 19, 2009 4:54pm

     Jacquelyn is HOME!!! We have not yet heard from the family how she is doing - but she is HOME!

    What I can tell you is that the medical staff at Emmanuel KNEW that her healing was a miracle - there was simply no other answer!

    Thank you everyone for your prayers, thank you for keeping this family lifted up and thank you for all of your well wishes and support!

    Now that they are home we would like to encircle them with love and grace - I know that they are at $0 - the hospital stay and trip took everything out of them. Jacquelyn will need much care now that she is home.

    You can donate at Bank of America Jacquelyn Cordero Medical Fund - or if you are more comfortable donating food items - please contact us at 840-7846.

    Thank you - and blessings!
  • Written Nov 18, 2009 11:01am

    Jacquelyn is almost home! Johnny sent the following update this morning!

    We are so close to coming home!  Jacquelyn’s trach was taken out this morning!  She had 12 hours to go trouble-free and then be processed for release.  We are now on hour 15!

    The only thing that remains a problem is the location of doctors and set up of appointments in Medford.  Last night, I got word that Jacquelyn has been accepted into the Oregon Health Plan!  However, this isn’t as great as it sounds – there are very few doctors in our valley that accept Jacquelyn’s insurance type.  She needs to see a primary care physician no later than Friday, then at least once every three days.  We also need to set up physical therapy and establish a link with a local surgeon.  All of this is supposed to be completed before she can be released from Emanuel.  Of course, this all falls on me so I’d greatly appreciate your continuing prayer support.  I know that it seems difficult at best, but we’ve learned NOT to assess circumstances from human perspective!

    One of Jacquelyn’s original doctors came in late yesterday.  He was very tired, yet stayed and talked with us for an hour and a half!  As a result, I am doing a news conference tomorrow morning at 10:00 am. I hope that the local affiliates in Medford will pick up the story.  Jacque will be present to provide input from her vantage point, I will be talking about referring patients to Emanuel – many hospitals are NOT referring their patients, for whatever reason, and I feel very strongly that this trauma team offers the best chance of survival for patients that are as critical as Jacquelyn was.  One of the doctors, I don’t know which one, will also be present to answer technical questions.

    I want to also take time to thank all of the prayer warriors out there that also offered practical help and advice.  All of our needs have been steadily met and we have gotten some gold nuggets that will help us to make Jacque’s healing process a little smoother.  How a non-Christian could possibly go through what we’ve experienced without the benefit of a loving God and an incredible Body of support, I just don’t know!  Our faith was kept strong by your prayers and encouragement, and that faith kept us united and totally focused on the truly important truths: God loves us, His plan for us is better than we can possibly perceive, AND He is totally worthy of our unconditional trust.  Our God is an awesome God!

    I am exhausted, so I will close for now.  I will continue to send out updates as the Lord allows.  Meanwhile, may He keep you all in His tender care.

  • Written Nov 15, 2009 2:56pm

    Miracles never cease with this young woman - as it looks now Jacquelyn will go straight home from Emmanual hospital, she will not need to be transfered to RVMC. I have waited a couple of days to update as information was still coming in. Johnny was in Medford for a couple of days with his daughter Jamie taking care of some business and now is back in Portland with their family. Following is an update from Johnny:

    Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ,

    I prayer the Lord is blessing each and every one of you, even as he has extended His hand of favor toward our family; especially our precious child, Jacquelyn, and our brother, Tom.

    We are reunited with Carolyn and Jessi in Portland at Emanuel Hospital.  As of this morning, it appears that Wednesday or Thursday may be the earliest we can expect to leave for home.

    Jacquelyn’s healing process has been rapid and amazing.  For this very reason, Jacquelyn now feels more desperate than ever to be out and on her way home.  But even great things and speedy recoveries will not be rushed beyond God’s timing.  Jacquelyn’s bed sores look significantly better.  Yet they are a long way from being healed.  Her lungs are functioning reasonably well.  However, when they try to put a pug in, Jacque isn’t able to keep her blood gases up or to breathe well.  As a consequence, she is still breathing primarily through her trach.  Yesterday, they downsized the trach and it seems to be helping.  Jacque is walking two or three times per day.  She gets up to use the restroom and eats on her own.

    Having missed the greater portion of her illness (through unconsciousness), Jacque doesn’t fully appreciate how close she was to death.  One of her doctors came in to see her (the one that placed the original tracheal tube), and he told her that she was nothing short of a miracle.  He stated that she was their greatest challenge and that the doctors were STILL talking about her and her amazing recovery.  She was reminded by one of her other doctors that, “you can’t get any sicker and still be alive.”

    The greatest prayer need: Jacquelyn is suffering from anxiety and needs her peace to be restored.  She is making decisions that could and should wait until she is better.  Most of them are compelled by her fear that anything could cause her to regress if she isn’t careful.  Her immune system is seriously compromised.  Her physical strength will be long in getting restored.  Even spiritually, she will not return to any ministerial capacity for some time yet.  As we encourage her and support her, please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom in choice of scriptures and issues to cover.  More than anything, we want to help her see her opportunities as greater than any losses she may feel.

    The second greatest need is for housing.  I have procured an application for HUD housing – the waiting list is 4 years long.  While this is daunting, it is no problem for our Lord.  Yet, I don’t want to miss any opportunity by looking in the wrong direction.  We ask for your prayerful support as we try to make God-lead decisions in the next month or two.  Our home fellowship is anxious to have us back and there are THOUSANDS of local folks who want to meet Jacquelyn.  We hope to eventually schedule a praise night at a local venue that will house a good-sized crowd, do a little worship and introduce our walking miracle.  All this in its appropriate time.

    Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

    I Thessalonians 5: 16-18

    I am back to rare internet opportunities.  As I am able, I will send out updates.  In the meantime, please know that your prayers and support are so appreciated, we don’t even know how to express the depth of our gratitude.  My prayer is that this unity, this strength of Body, will not dissipate or lose its tangible excitement.  This phenomenon should be our NORM, not our crisis management.  It is through this incredible reflection of Christian love that the Body will grow – as unbelievers witness first-hand the incredible power and compassion of our heavenly Father, to Him be all glory and honor.

    With all love and humility,

    Pastor Johnny

    Weworking to raise money for the family to assist them in their transition process. Donations can be taken to Bank of America - Jacquelyn Cordero Medical Fund.


    Thank you and much love~

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