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I'm not sure where to start. This has been a very interesting week. Let see if I can summarize.

We left Sunday morning to drive to New Jersey. Trip should take 15 hours and it did. We did 12 hours on Sunday, and stopped in Harrisburg, PA, Sunday Night about 9 PM EST. This hotel was very interesting, it was downtown and there was no good parking or unloading area. Needless to say we will never stay there again. Monday was getting up and leaving about 8 am to complete the drive for a noon appointment with the surgeon.

On Monday we meet with the Surgeon and was at his office for 3 hours, laying out the rest of the week. After the appointment we found our hotel in New Jersey, now this place was set up much better for Jacob's needs, I had to sleep on a hind-a-way, but once the room was set up, Jacob was able to go about his business very similar to home.  

On Tuesday Jacob had a test at the hospital and an appointment with an Oncology doctor. On Wednesday, X-rays at the hospital. Thursday he had CT Myelogram that took 8 hours and was inconclusive. He was admitted into the hospital then had a EMG, so he was at the hospital for the early surgery. Friday morning a 7 am he was in surgery. The surgery lasted over 8 hours! The doctor indicated that it went very well. He did 6 nerve grafts. They used nerves from his legs and graft them to his left arm and left hand.

Saturday was a hard day for Jacob because the nerve pain was worse, due to the surgery, and his fingers that he could feel were hyper-sensitive. He was finally able to rest a little by early afternoon. We were both thinking "what have we done", when Jacob was touching his two fingers that he had lost feeling in. I jumped in and told him to close his eyes. I touched his pinkie finger, nothing. I touched his ring finger, and Jacob said ouch. It was a nerve zap, but there was something. Our spirits were raised greatly after this.  

Today, his dressing was changed, and tomorrow he will be discharged. We will need to see the surgeon and then I think we will head home. 

Stay tuned for an update when we arrive home.