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I thought I posted this Sunday 10/27/13, but must of messed it up. Tim


Our lives, hearts, and hopes continue on yet another winding path on this journey. 

 Today: Jaker Journeys to Jersey, in hopes of relieving his continual nerve in his left hand/arm. This is a new surgery and there are no guaranteed results, but they are hopeful.  We have to try so that there are no regrets or ‘if-only' later when we look back at this moment in time.

Yes, this is Jaker’s journey. But as any parent or sibling knows – what happens to one family member ripples and touches us all. (Think of a graduation, or a DUI…good or bad…it affects us all)

I am so proud of Jaker. His unyielding determination, go-with-the-flow attitude, his incredible intelligence, and quick wit through the continual adversities he has endured these ten months – absolutely amazes me. He truly is his father’s son.

Jaker and Tim will be driving to New Jersey. Monday –Thursday will be the various doctor and pre-operation appointments. Jaker’ssurgery is scheduled for Friday, November 1st. They will stay in NJ until Jaker can be released to ride back to Wisconsin where he will stay at a facility through the beginning of December. Jaker will not be able to use his left arm for 6 weeks after the surgery and will need help during that time.

This new journey is tear-jerking because it feels like going back to the beginning – starting over. Like getting the “Go directly to jail.Do not pass go. Do not collect $200” card; and on this journey we are but pawns as we get pushed and bumped into random spots. There is nothing we can do but look at our surroundings, take stock, regroup, and continue moving forwards.

I know this is only a 6 week temporary set-back, to which, hopefully, the rewards will be worth the sacrifice. My heart breaksagain because I know the challenges my son will endure again.

This time will be different; as I will be staying home towork. Emotionally this kills me; logically it makes perfect sense. Without me there will be more room in Jaker’s truck, bathroom things will be easier, and they can share a hotel room. (Gas, food, hotel, and physical therapy needing to be paid out-of -pocket are the financial challenges of this journey.)

Friday, November 1st will be a very long day for me as I wait and get updates of Jaker’s surgery. I may not be with them physically; but my heart and all my love go with them – always.  

Thank you for all your continued thoughts and prayers,