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This week Jacob had lots of fun driving his new vehicle! He drove himself to work and back, and each night he did something different. Friday night he went out with his buddies and had dinner. We had a few bugs, one night Jacob missed the transfer and ended up on the garage floor. Jacob did not get injured, and he call one of his friends and they were with him when I arrived. His vehicle just fits in the garage, so we needed to provide a stopping point, to know were to park.

All in all Jacob had a good week.

We have found a specialist on the East Cost that thinks he can help with the nerve pain. Jacob and myself are looking at taking a road trip at the end of the month to check it out. If he can help, Jacob will get a surgery and will be recovering for about 6 weeks when we return. The details are very rough at this time, will fill them in when more information becomes available.  

This week Jacob has an other dentist appointment (He may get temporary front teeth), and we need to bring his vehicle in, to get the modifications completed. 
Blessing to all.