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Last weekend was very busy and I missed my weekly update. This update will be for the past two weeks.

Jacob's nerve pain seams like it has been getting worse. I'm not sure if it because the pain is worse, or he is feeling the effects because we are adjusting him medications. The month of September we lowered Jacob's pain meds and increased his nerve pain meds. For now we are trying to hold were he is at, and see how it goes, this past week shows promise.

Last week Jacob did not have any Dr. or Dentist appointments. It was only the second week that has happened since coming home from Craig's. This week he had a 4 hour dentist appointment. Jacob did great, but for 4 hours! Jacob will need two to four more of these appointments prior to getting his front teeth back. He is scheduled every three weeks, hoping to be complete by the end of the year. 

Jacob's vehicle has been delivered to the mobility vendor, and we are waiting for it to be completed. Being complete was scheduled for last week, which turned into this week, which turned into next week. Jacob has been blessed by everyone, between the donations and the DVR, he will not have a payment once the vehicle is received. Praise God! The down side is insurance will run him $200.00 per month. 
Jacob had a little excitement this week. He fell back in his wheel chair for the first time. He is fine, but when it happened, I was at work and his feet got caught under his sink counter, so he was hung up and could not get to his phone, which was on his wheel chair (front pocket). The taxi driver called me when Jacob did not come out for work and I came back to find him in this condition. Thank God for the taxi driver for calling, he said he called, because it was not like Jacob to just not show for a pick up, with out calling. 

Last weekend and this weekend Rachel had/has off and is spending it with Jacob. This has freed me up to get some fall activities completed at home.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support Jacob, have a blessed week.