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Jacob's work seems to be going good, he is a man of many works, so at the times he does talk, I'm able to get caught up on things. He was assigned a project for a future Gator (2015?), working on the frame design. From the sounds of it, he is enjoying the challenge.  I also found out he has rejoined the lunch Sheephead game. He had a string of bad luck for a few weeks, but noted that this week was much better.        

Jacob's appointments for the week were on Wednesday. We started off the day in Green Bay at the oral surgeon and then went to Milwaukee for an appointment at Froedtert's urologist. It was a long day, and it seems like every time were are in Milwaukee, it rains, did not get wet this time, but I'm thinking there is a grand plan. LOL.     
Jacob spent Saturday on his own, while I went home for a day, I still think I'm more nerves at this then Jacob is. Jacob had a few challenges, but was unaffected by them. He is always facing his challenges with tremendous strength. 

The DVR issued their PO's this past week. If everything goes well Jacob should be able to pick up his vehicle this coming week!