Make Sure Jacob Is Not Alone This Holiday Season

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Due the holiday, could not get on top of things for this past week. Jacob had a full day on Tuesday, he stopped by the Mobility dealer and tested out the equipment that he should be getting with his vehicle. He then stopped by the Ford dealer to look at the vehicle, Jacob was all smiles!! After this we headed of to Froedtert for a EMG test on his left hand and arm. The test was no fun for Jacob, they used needles and electric shocks to see which nerves were working and which ones were not, but Jacob just pushed through it.  The EMG took much longer than anticipated and Jacob missed his appointment with the therapist.

The rest of the week flew by. On Saturday we went to see Rachel do the Tough Mudder in Oshkosh. After the event we went out for lunch and just enjoyed time together. The balance of the weekend was hanging low, stocking up on supplies and watching the Packer Game.

I touched base with the DVR, everything has been submitted, should know soon what they will help with.

Thanks for all your support!