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This past week flew by. Jacob is staying busy with work, appointments and mastering a new COD game. A few weeks back, he asked for his gaming controllers that were at our home, I did not think of it much; just brought them back with me on my next trip. Last week when returning from home, I found Jacob playing his new game, with a combination of the mouse he purchased a few months ago, and the controller from home. Jacob reconfigured the controller to operate as needed. He located some velcro and was operating the controller with his left hand, while using the mouse with his right, playing the game like a pro. 

Other activities from the week. Jacob spent Friday night through Sunday morning on his own. This is another first. I think I was more concerned than he was. Sunday we went to a Brewers game and then dinner with a group of Jacob's college friends.

Jacob's follow up appointments went well, we are now waiting for healing, and will start the rest of the dental work late September. Jacob misses the ability to bit into a sandwich. Other items, we keep looking for ways to improve on his condition though adjusting his medications, vitamins and routine. I'm very careful not to do to much at the same time, understanding that we may cause an undesired effect and will need to identify how to correct it. 

Did not hear from the DVR this week. Patiently waiting.