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Jacob’s Story

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The London 5 Life Changes on a Dime

Jake was in a snowmobile accident Wednesday December 26. Tim and Levi were with him but due to the 'snow fluff-cloud' no one saw the accident, but Levi saw the snowmobile roll. From the pieces we have put together, this is what we believe happened.

Jake, Tim, and Levi were stopped at a stop sign and crossed the road. Jake was first going down the flat, straight trail (max speed maybe 50). No one saw the accident but we are assuming the sled hit a rock, crashing the windshield/handle bar into his chest which broke his chest bone and knocked him out. He was thrown from sled before it flipped end-for-end then continued rolling sideways. Jaker flew, hit the ground and slid into the only 3 trees in the area. His helmet crashed into the tree(s) whipping is limp body around and breaking 2 back bones (T6 & 7).

Levi was about 100 feet behind Jaker, and when Tim and Levi got to Jake, Jake was unconscious, his left glove and boot were off, helmet shoved up his face. Tim removed his helmet as a stranger got help. First responders and paramedics arrived quickly and took Jake to DCH. Jake was awake and saying, "my back! My back!"  Jake knew I was his mom, and he was able to answer doctor's questions, "Do you smoke?" etc. They put Jake 'out' inserted breathing tube, did CT then air lifted him to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay. Jake was evaluated and his back was too injured to operate.

Jaker was moved into ICU where he still is today. His injuries are: broken chest bone, broken left Collar bone, broken (and chipped) left shoulder blade, broken ribs, punctured lungs, left lung collapsed, bruised heart, and broken back at T 6 & 7 causing him to be paralyzed below the chest.

We believe in God and His healing abilities. Our hope is not lost.

From The London 5
     "Thank you. Your thoughts and prayers mean more than words can say."

Latest Journal Update


We arrived home on Tuesday Morning. It was a much harder trip than I anticipated. Other than driving through the night, the ride was not comfortable for Jacob. The constant motion made the nerve pain worse. We made it and was able to get back onto a normal sleeping pattern. Jacob is in a healing period, waiting three weeks to start using his left arm again. The nerve has been worse, but we are hopeful that the journey will be worth it.