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6 Already

Next week Jack will be turning 6!  I can't believe where the time has gone.  December of this year will be 3 years since cancer entered our brains.  Our little boy is so full of life and so scary that something lives in his body lurking around the corner.  We will be celebrating his birthday party at castle land this year and you all are invited.  We will be having it on the 22nd at 2pm.  Last year at this time we were preparing his hospital hoedown to send him off in style.  We were told that he would need 4 rounds of chemo to start off.  Little did we know that God had other plans!!!  Once we decided that this cancer would not take a foothold in our lives things changed.  Yes we are in another observation period but we also know that at any given moment his scans may change.  This is something that we just have to deal with.  A year ago this month we were told his cancer came back and our lives changed.  Our community rallied behind us and gave us more support that we had ever known.  I know as a mom there was nothing like watching my son be sent off by the Melrose football team and told there is nothing tougher than a buff!  This is true.  Jack has made some amazing friends whom I can't thank enough!  The true friendships you find when you are in the midst of a battle are friends that will last a lifetime and I know Jack is very special to many here in Melrose and beyond.   

This year will be a special treat for Jack because we don't have fear behind his birthday.  So for one year he can be a normal kid.  

Our next round of appointments are set for June 11th.  This will be particularly hard since it will be over a year since relapse.    Here's to an amazing birthday my love!  God has some big plans for you and I can't wait to see you fulfill them!  

Also Jack made the paper again!!!