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I just wanted to keep y'all updated on Jack.  We had our MRI Monday and got a good report from that!  So we will need to head back to Houston in early June.

I wanted to take the time to ask if you can add Ethan Hallmark to your prayer lists, it came back yesterday that he has indeed relapsed.  We ask that you lift this whole family up in prayer and the next chapter in their journey will be a tiresome one!  Ethan's mom is such a woman of faith and this whole family is a gem is God's eye.  They are such amazing people faced with huge giants but as we are reminded of the story of Daniel and the giant.  God will carry this family though and bring them stronger for this, THEY truly are Gods Masterpieces.  

As this is a happy time for us, we still mourn for our friends fighting this cancer on the home front.  It is really hard to understand why kids go through this considering they did nothing wrong.  This cancer can come back at any time and we all need to make sure that we stay prepared!  There is no telling with this cancer what will happen.  So we will not say that Jack is completely cured until the Dr tells us so, for now we just say we have clean scans which means the cancer has not returned.  There is a difference from being cured to being in an observation period.  Jack's chances of another relapse our less than 10%.  So June will be our last 3 month appointment then it will spread to every 6 for two years.  Jack will never be done with the testing, this is a life long process.  The dr said she stays optimistic about the outcome but isn't blind to how strange this cancer is, not one child is the same and this cancer has a mind of its own.  We stand in faith that this will not return but we are reminded that when our friends relapse we are not immune from this nasty cancer.  God has been so good to us throughout this journey and we have come to enjoy the little things life gives us because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  So I urge you to enjoy what day God has given you because tomorrow is never promised.  Jack is becoming used to what happens at these appointments but its still hard to restrain him when they need to do labs so we are praying that it gets easier as we go on.  One day he will be able to lay still and not be put to sleep.  

So we are safe until June!  The dr did say we wouldn't be doing an MIBG unless something showed up in his scans so that was exciting news.