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Ton of Bricks

Last night I was hit with a ton of bricks!  A little boy we have been following had some negative results.  I know the words all to well, "we are concerned" or "it has come back".  This mother is in anguish over her baby.  His name is Ethan Hallmark and he lives in Dallas.  The cancer that both Jack and Ethan have is no respecter of person, age, race, what their families do or for that matter how devoted they are to Christ.  I couldn't help but share this mothers tears and just a little less than a year ago we were faced with the worst possible report.  Just at the last minute God showed up in what you call A GOD MOMENT.  I am believing the same for Ethan.  Ethan has had to endure much more than Jack and its not fair to see children go through such things.  What as parents are we suppose to do,  How do we help our children's suffering and how do we wipe the never ending tears?  I will not lie to you to tell you that I am not nervous about our scans on Monday, but I know God didn't give me a spirit of fear but of sound mind.  Sometimes my humanly body takes over and I am overwhelmed by emotions.  I want to be strong all the time but I can't its not humanly possible.  The last 3 years have been whirlwinds for our family with no possible end insight.  We have testing for at least the next 10 years possibly longer.  I don't think we will ever return to normal.  I am learning to function above normal.  But I am writing this to tell you, if you haven't called your kids them.  If you are stressed because they are out of them.  If you haven't hugged them today....tell them you love them and hug them....You never ever know what tomorrow will bring.  We leave tomorrow to set out on yet another chapter in Jacks amazing race.  Jack is a fighter and no matter what God's glory will prevail.  

Jack uttered the words my cancer is back last night after reading Ethan's blog...we explained to him what it meant.  But its still hard to choke down that your child would say that.  Last night reading Ethan's blog proved life was handed to us to be easy nor did we get instructions on how to live the perfect life.  In a perfect world we wouldn't have cancer and we wouldn't have moms crying their eyes out because there is nothing we can do but stand back and hand our babies whom we carried for 9 months back over to God.  For only God knows the plans for our lives.  

How do you explain to a 5 year old how dangerous cancer is.....other that its a very bad monster.  Jack is way to smart for that and wants answers we can't give him.  So as we head off to Houston, please agree in prayer for Ethan as his tests begin next Thursday that no weapon formed against him shall prosper!  Let Ethan be a walking miracle to show God's glory.  2ndly pray that our unsettled nerves be calmed and that we get a good report.  

If you would so kindly go and give Ethan and his family some words of encouragement....