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My Story

Welcome to "Jack's Facebook" as he likes to call it.  I want to thank you for coming by my facebook, I like to read the things people post about me and I just the them. My mom likes to keep you up to date with my treatment progress. 

Please take a moment to read his background story for more info.  Our family thanks you for the support, for donations to Jack's account, prayers, post, phone calls, text message or phone calls.

Welcome to “Jack’s Facebook” as he would like to call it.  Our story started in December of 2009, when was suppose to be pneumonia turned out to be a cancerous tumor called Ganglioneuroblastoma.  Which means the tumor was both cancerous and non cancerous.  This day we remember clearly because it forever changed our lives.  Jack was healthy as can be, running, playing, laughing and doing all the normal things three year olds do.  The first report was doom and gloom, chemo, port and lots of hospital visits.  Half way through our first MIBG test we were told for certain that it was cancer and chemo would begin in just a few days.  We held out prayerfully that he wouldn’t need chemo.  The dr called on a Sunday just before church with the best news we had heard in a long time.  No chemo and we can do an observation period.  (as we wipe sweat from our brow)  This would not be the last chapter.  We transferred care to Texas Children’s to a neuroblastoma clinic.  This would be a 15 hour car trip and may nights in hotels; Our family is too large to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house.  Since day 1 we said we would not let cancer rule our lives and we haven’t.  Jack today is a healthy 5 year with a silent monster living within him.  In April of 2011, Jack’s cancer came back, we were told to prepare for 5 rounds of chemo.  We were in Houston 3 weeks, this was one hell of a trip, we stayed close to the hospital all 7 of us, and did the best we could, 3 days before we could go home, I totaled our car.  The devil sure knows how to stir up trouble!  The day of our dr’s visit we were told that through divine intervention that some unpublished research was out and said with all the factors Jack had we could elect to do chemo (which would lower his chances) or go through another observation period (chances of it coming back just a slight bit higher), we chose to do another observation period with the mindset if this comes back again, we fully understood that chemo would be the only option we had.  So for the next year we travel to Houston, tx from Melrose, NM (which is about 700 miles one way) every three months.  We try to go as a family as much as possible because Jack doesn’t do this alone.  Cancer doesn’t just affect one person, our family has gone through hell and back through the last two years and we are going to start being separated now!  Our little man has gone through so much but one thing is so precious is listening to the prayers of my little man.  In the last two years we have had laughs, fits of rage, tears, joy and any emotions in between.  Our family has become stronger through this ordeal.


Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "Its that time again".

Well its that time again!Jack is doing superb!  He lost his first tooth this last week!  Its amazing the little things you enjoy when your life has been turned upside ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "God Never Fails".

Yesterday Jack did amazing for his MRI, when he went to sleep it caught me off guard.  He looked like an Angel laying there, but he took the mask without a fight.  So ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "Houston".

Well we made it to houston early this am. We had a nice welcome from National Charity League. I must say we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams! Well tomorrow is our mri ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "Off to Houston".

Sunday we head to Houston for testing, we get lucky this go round.  We only have an MRI to do.  Our stay will depend on the results of his tests.  We are very excited ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "What Cancer Can NOT do".

Well today we celebrated a woman whose battle with cancer was won.  She was called home to be with Jesus.  Through this death, I learned one thing.  Life isn't about ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "Thanksgiving".

This week as we celebrate Thanksgiving this family has lots to be thankful for!  Jack was suppose to go back to the hospital in Oct and I just couldn’t take the time ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "Relay for Life".

Well we are 178 days from relay for life.  Jack is excited to be able to walk again this year.  Cancer research saved Jack from having chemo this last time.  We are ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "Jack".

Well Jack is doing quite well these days!  He certainly misses his daddy!  We are due to head back to houston in Oct.  I am trying to put it off till thanksgiving but ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "september 11".

Never Forget Sept 11, 2011 The question was raised where were you on September 11, 2001 and how has if affected your life. My name is Heather Sullivan and I am a military ... Read more

Heather sullivan posted a new journal entry, "testing is done for now".

Well we have finished our testing! We went in Friday for our drs appt and she wanted to do the bone marrow biopsy so we did that Friday, and results from that will be ... Read more

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