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Jackson’s Story

Welcome to Jackson's journey. Chad and I created this site to keep friends and family updated about our first little one.

Be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook. We will do our best to keep things updated as we get information.

We hate to sound so dismal, but we wanted to make sure that all of our loved ones were in the loop about some news we just received.

Yesterday, we just found out that Jackson has a series of rare heart problems and may need a little extra help when he comes out in the world...In doctor speak, he has pulmonary valve atresia with a intact ventricle septum. Although we are still dumfounded by it all, after we have him there will be a couple days of observation in the critical neonatal unit and then he will have an angioplasty done to see if that solves the problem. After that he may also have a series of other surgeries to get things working right. Of course, only finding this out with weeks to go this is pretty surprising to us, so you may understand we are in a state of shock and have a short amount of time to get a lot of things in order.

We will have the delivery done at Parkland because it is attached to Children's Medical Center, which is where he will probably spend the first month of his life. We are both hoping against all hope that all will work out for the best and that our little baby will be able to come home to a normal life with us. We thank everyone for their support and understanding. We know in times like this it is impossible to come up with the right words to comfort to ease the pain and we don't like sharing our sorrows with the world, but this is and inevitable event that our family will have to fight and we wanted our loved ones to know about the situation.