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Sorry we haven't updated in a week, but we've been very busy getting ready for Jax's discharge....which happened today!

On Sunday, we roomed in with Jax at the NICU, and Monday and Tuesday were spent cleaning and setting up a makeshift nursery downstairs while the remodeling continues upstairs (almost done!). Today, we got the call that Jax was ready to come home. We met with doctors, nurses, and feeding specialists this afternoon to go over how to administer Jax's medications (a diuretic, sodium supplement, and vitamins) and how to alternate breastfeeding and bottle-feeding with a high calorie formula, at least initially, so he continues to gain weight.

Then we strapped him into his car seat, bundled him up, snapped some pics, and said goodbye to the incredible NICU staff, to whom we're so grateful and will miss so much.

We've been home alone with Jax for about 5 hours now, and are having a great time -- two diaper changes, two feedings, and lots of cuddling.

It might not always be this easy, but after what we've already gone through, we're ready for just about anything.