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Jackson "Jax" Harrison Moore was born October 29, 2012, nearly three months early. We're his parents, Stacia Fleegal and Jonathan Moore, and we created this website to keep family and friends updated on his growth and well-being. We appreciate your support, love, and warmth during this time of ups and downs--they really help!

Fora little background: Stacia went to the hospital on October 25 because of some mild contractions. After a few hours of observation, doctors decided to keep her overnight because baby's heart rate was dipping with each contraction. She was confined to bed rest and a magnesium drip to stave off early labor.

After four days and some steroid shots to enhance baby's lungs in case he came early anyway, intense labor began early the morning of the 29th. Doctors were deciding to prep Stacia for a C-section when Jackson just decided it was time to show up--on the way to the OR. As Hurricane Sandy began to rage outside, Jax came barreling into the world, naturally, breech, and still in his placenta. Doctors told us, in so many words, "Sometimes, you just get a crappy placenta, and who knows why." The clinical term for what happened is an inexplicable placental abruption.

We were also told that we're very lucky we came to the hospital when we did to have the contractions checked out, that any earlier and our nurses wouldn't have been able to detect the heart rate dips and would've sent us home, where labor would've been unpreventable. And any later would've been too late. Either way, if we hadn't gone when we did, we'd have lost Jackson.

But Jax is our determined little Scorpio (he didn't want to be an Aquarius, ha), and he's showing us early that he does what he wants, when he wants. The doctors and nurses in the NICU at York Hospital all describe him as "feisty" and "stronger than he should be." After only three hours in the world, he upgraded from a ventilator to assisted breathing, and is meeting little milestones every day, sometimes every hour.

We know Jackson's time in the NICU will be full of ups and downs, but how can we not be positive about the persistence and resilience our little fighter has already shown?


Stacia Fleegal posted a new journal entry.

Big day! Jax was moved to the continuing care nursery! Most babies don't spend much time there before being discharged. They want to make sure he can keep gaining weight ... Read more

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He is absolutely adorable.  Such a handsome happy little guy.  Cannot wait to see him.  Give him hugs and kisses from me. Read more

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Dear Stacia and Jonathan, I read your updates with the utmost interest. I have become attached to Jax's progress. I can share your joy too because I remember the first ... Read more

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First totally tube-free pic of Jax, and as you can see, nobody's happier about it than him. :) He's exactly 5 and a half lbs now, doing great with feedings, and has gone ... Read more

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Jax, I have never met you or your parents, I just have read your mom's column she is writing about your NICU stay and then I read your whole story since the beginning.  ... Read more

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Jax is officially off the breathing support and doing just fine. The doctors want us to understand that he could have to go back on it if his breathing rates don't stay ... Read more

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He is adorable with his little chubby cheeks. Still praying for him to get home with Mommy and Daddy.  Love to you all. Read more

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Jax gained another ounce total after some weight fluctuation this week, so he's 5 lbs, 5.1 oz. He's doing great, as usual, but the one thing that's kind of lingering is ... Read more

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