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Jack’s Story

"I don't believe in Miracles, I rely on them."


If you wish to contribute to Jack's fund, please send donations to:

Jack Jablonski Fund

3001 Louisiana Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN 55427

Or any Wells Fargo Bank, & mention "Jack Jablonski Fund"

*If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation where the proceeds benefit SCI research and recovery efforts, please visit www.bel13vefoundation.org and select the red "DONATE" box on the bottom right corner of the home page.  

Latest Journal Update

A Night to BEL13VE

Although it's been two weeks since our annual fundraiser -  "A Night to BEL13VE" - we're still in awe of the fabulous turnout and generosity of our BEL13VERS. And oh what a night it was! 

We're forever grateful to the Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Hockey for their continued support of our foundation and for co-hosting the evening. Like last year, the event format was a pre-game party, silent auction, dinner, brief program and live auction at the River Centre, followed by the MN Wild game. Oh, and by the way, we played Tampa Bay and we scored a "W."  Yesss! 

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Jeremy Roenick, David Wells, Jordan Leopold and Tom Hauser for their support. You guys are the best. Truly. 

And cheers to Kym and her fabulous planning committee and to all of the volunteers who helped to make this event such a huge success. Can't thank you enough. 

The night was certainly a Night to BEL13VE and a win-win for all. We announced that we're on a mission to raise funds and awareness for spinal cord injury recovery (not a new mission) and for the Mayo Clinic (new recovery partner). Yes…right here, in the State of Hockey, the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is now on board to advance spinal cord injury research. We couldn't be more excited!!!

The BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation has pledged to raise $300,000 to fully fund the first two Mayo Clinic recipients of the ground-breaking epidural stimulation project. To date, this is the most promising method of recovery for people living with paralysis due to a spinal cord injury. It's a game-changer. So far, everyone who has undergone this treatment has regained functions that were lost when they suffered paralyzing injuries….bowel, bladder, sexual function and body temperature regulation. They've even been able to stand and take steps. This is now. This is real. This endorses our belief that paralysis no longer permanent. 

And let's get the elephant out of the room...this study does not include Jack. Just want to make that clear. But our goal is to advance this therapy from the lab to the clinic so that Jack and everyone like Jack who's waiting to get out of his or her chair can have access to this ground breaking, life-changing therapy.

So, back to the event…we truly exceeded our expectations for the night. Still waiting for the final tally, but we know the funds raised were larger than we had anticipated. Awesome! Let's make this happen…sooner rather than later. #Don'tWantToWait. 

Here's the video we presented at A Night to BEL13VE: https://youtu.be/ydiWc8ohiBs
Huge, huge thanks to Tremendous Entertainment and MF (Marky Mark) for doing such an awesome job on capturing our story, message and mission. 

If you want to help move the epidural stimulation treatment from the lab to the clinic, you can make a tax deductible donation by texting SCORE to 91999. 

We thank you for your continued support and prayers. Good things are happening. We just know it.

And we BEL13VE it. 

(Photos include: Max (far left) and his volunteer buddies; Kym and the planning committee; MN Wild and the X-Cel Energy Center arena supporting the mission) 

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16 Comentarios

Mary Senneka
By Mary Senneka
Jablonski Family - As I watched your powerful video, I could only think that your great misfortune is the fortune of so many others. God bless you all.
marilyn bergagnini
By marilyn bergagnini
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Hi Jack, Max, Leslie, and Mike....CONGRATULATIONS on another SUCCESSFUL fundraiser, you are all so amazing......GOD BLESS all!!!! We also want to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING a little early, we hope you day is filled with lots of LOVE and good food too!!!!:)
Carol & John G.
Kim Lundstrom
By Kim Lundstrom...a mom
Mitch, I understand you being cautious. An organization like Jack's cannot be run on volunteers alone. It would be wonderful if everyone could donate all their time to things like this but it's not financially possible. It's for this same reason that we pay ministers in churches with donations from the public. My second point is, do you think Jack and Leslie would take more money than they need at the expense of programs they believe would help their son? I think not. Also, they are both educated and hard working people. It's because of this that the charity has gotten the recognition it has received so far. It is everyone's hope that this foundation benefits you as well other's in your situation. I will be donating to Jack's foundation...
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Lisa Ratner
By Lisa Ratner
You are certainly correct that some foundations are shady. Always smart to do your research. The bel13ve in miracles foundation is all heart and soul with no fraud. I'm from Jacks town. I've been following this young man and his family as they have navigated the situation they were thrust into. I bel13ve all quads will one day be able to see positive changes in their condition because of this foundation. Please read their full story-including Jacks program (started because of another paralyzed man) at school that helps him to thrive and live like he does. Have hope and Bel13ve in miracles Mitch. Lots of wonderful research to make changes over time for all quads.
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Janet Dawson
By Janet Dawson
What a negative and unfounded post, Mitch. Just because some administrators of foundations are shady does not mean the Jablonski's are ! Go ahead and research this foundation - they have nothing to hide. This family did not live off public assistance before his injury and they know they are fortunate and blessed in that respect. I am so sorry you are a quad . I became paralyzed from the neck down in July of 2014, and I have to cultivate my spirituality daily to stay away from negativity and bitterness. God bless you.
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nancy shaver
By Nancy Lee Shaver
Praise the Lord for all the successes you have accomplished. Everytime something bad happens I wonder why...and even get angry, then I pray that God will make something good come out of it. And you have proven that and are an answer to prayer for so many now suffering and those yet to come, that all may have hope. May God bless your entire family for its tirelessness in working for the good of others. Blessings on your Thanksgiving. In His love,
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David Mora
Happy it was such a success! God Bless.
mitch binek
By Mitch
Most foundations are a partial fraud. The foundation is run by Leslie and Jack and like most foundations they pay themselves and can spend up to 70 percent of the funds to do so. I'm a quad myself and know that Jack couldn't live like he does off of public assistance, do your research before donating
mitch binek
By Mitch
Do you have a link to the Mayo clinic project