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Jack’s Story

"I don't believe in Miracles, I rely on them."


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Latest Journal Update

Back In Time

Thinking back to April 2012 when we brought Jack “home” from Sister Kenny (now called Courage Kenny) after three months of rehab and recovery therapy. I say “home” because we didn’t really go home, we actually went to a fabulous accessible apartment at 50th & France in Edina for six months while our house was being renovated so that we could bring Jack “home.”

Anyway…we had lots to learn and things to figure out, which included prepping Jack for bed and transferring him into bed. Jack loves his music, so there were many nights when we’d tune in to his playlist. One song ruled at the time…”Back in Time” by Pitbull. Any time I hear it, it reminds me of the early days of Jack’s injury and adjusting to life as we know it now.

Fast forward to now…nearly four years post-injury and a whole new world…a world that includes college and Jack living far away…like half-way across the country. New? No. We did this in January when Jack started his freshman year at USC.

It was new, it was novel. It was great. So…I just assumed that bringing him back to “SC” (as they say) this semester would be easy. But boy, was I wrong. I don’t know why, but I’ve been a weepy mess. I could barely say goodbye to Jack when we left him. I watched him roll down the street and back to campus, tears streaming down my face. I arrived at LAX, thought I was in control, but no…tears continued to roll down my cheeks as I checked my bag (yes, just one bag…and prayed that my hair products would make it to Mpls...some of you know that story!) and worked my way up to my gate. 

I composed myself, but only for a while. I’ll be fine. In a few days, maybe.

But this post isn’t supposed to be about me. It’s about Jack and the progress he’s made. He worked hard on his therapy all summer. He did lots of external stimulation on his arms and legs. He continued to do the ABLE program and stepping on the Therastride. He came home from therapy exhausted yet rallied to keep up with his friends and live as normal a life as he could.

There were times and moments when reality would kick in, and it wasn’t always pretty. But no need to discuss the dirty details. We continue to be in awe of Jack’s positive attitude, perseverance and drive to overcome paralysis. And we have reason to “bel13ve” that things are going to change. They really are.

We continue to monitor the incredible research in the world of SCI’s and the progress being made. Exciting and promising, no doubt. Think: epidural implants and stimulation…regaining function that was lost when the body was paralyzed (bladder control, sexual function, body temp regulation). Game changers.

And a game we don’t want to wait too long to play. We’re on a mission to create a sense of urgency for this research to go from the lab to the clinic. Our BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation is also on a mission to make this happen.

We hosted our annual golf tournament on August 13th to raise funds and awareness for this cause. It was a HUGE success…have to give credit to my hubby and TM as well as MM and TJA for all of their hard work. Thank you to ALL who participated and volunteered in this awesome affair. Here’s a link to the fabulous coverage we received from Dawn Mitchell of Fox 9: http://www.fox9.com/sports/7795496-story

And kudos to JH for bringing to life the online auction for a round of golf at Hazeltine National Golf Club with Jordan Leopold (NHL) and Terry Steinbach (MLB). Fabulous addition to our offerings.

Our annual BEL13VE in Miracles event (formerly our gala) held in conjunction with the extremely generous Minnesota Wild, will be hosted on November 7th at the Xcel Energy Center (tickets on sale at http://www.bel13vefoundation.org/get-involved/our-events/). We’re super excited about a potential partner (to be confirmed real soon) and where the funds raised are going to go. And no, not one cent goes to Jack. All proceeds are donated to research and recovery efforts so that everyone living with a spinal cord injury can get up from their chair and stand on their feet. Jack’s wish, Jack’s journey, Jack’s dream. #WeBel13veItWillHappen.

Back to Jack…wishing him with all my heart a wonderfully fun and successful second semester at USC. May he study well, keep up with his therapy, and thrive at his internship with the L.A. Kings where he’s one of eight interns on the communication team. And may he also enjoy, bond and gel with the SC Hockey Club.

All good things coming his way.


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Brenna Coleman
By Brenna Coleman
Best wishes in college and everything Jack! From one survivor to another, an amazing gift out of our tragedies is being able to see life from such a unique perspective. The amount of intelligence and patience that developed after my accident is priceless. I hope you can see that within yourself too. I continue to praise SCI research as I do feel that in our lifetime we will see a cure :) Check out my Caring Bridge when you have time . You and I both are lucky to alive and surrounded by love and opportunity!
Geri Armstrong
By Geri Armstrong, Minneapolis
Always love to hear your news and read of Jack's impressive accomplishments. Congrats on another successful fundraiser. I do hope the sense of urgency you want to instill becomes a reality with promising new treatments in the clinic.

To Jack, I wish you another successful semester at USC. I think it's terrific that you have an internship with the LA Kings!
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Scott Dunstall
By Scott Dunstall
You have an incredible child. And yours and your husbands spirit is so deeply moving. Profound is a another word. Science will catch up and I have no doubt, your dreams will be realized.
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Suzanne Miller
By Suzanne Miller
Jack has come a long way in the past 3 or 4 years and everyone in the BSM community is proud of him including myself. I wish him all the best during his second year at USC and hope he finds a field of study that he finds fit for his needs.
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Rhonda Passolt
By Rhonda Passolt — last edited
Your emotions are only natural Leslie - so much pride in all that has happen makes perfect sense- all of you continue to be huge inspiration to all of us. Jack's progress is above and beyond words. Have a great year at USC - your strength, courage and determination is inspiring to all of us. Have a great year at BSM - Max!! - thanks to technology - it will be easy for the boys to be in touch often as well as Mom and Dad. Hope you thrive during your internship time with the LA Kings. You are always in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers ... we are so proud to know you and your family --- love you all.
The Passolts
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john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Hi Jack, Max, Leslie, & Mike, We are glad to hear you are all "settled in" for another year a college, Jack!:) What a INSPIRATION you are to all of the people experiencing some of the trials you have already been through.....they see how a young man who NEVER gives up no matter what the challenges are for the day!!!!:) You are an amazing young man, Jack, with a FANTASTIC family!!!!:) I love the pic of you and Max [soon Max, you will be off to college too]......someday the the future, Jack, you will be standing next to Max not sitting...we know the for sure!! Max, have a great year in school too!:) GOD BLESS all!
Carol & John G.
PS. Leslie, you send WONDERFUL updates....and yes I was a weepy mess too when my daughter went off to college, it's AOK... Mom's can do that!!!:):):) Carol xoxo
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Jennifer England
By Jen England
Always love and strength to you, your family, and Jack. You are all such an inspiration to us in the hockey community. My daughter played for SSM in Minnesota (we actually live in Los Angeles), and now is at Penn State for her first year. She met Jack throughout her time in MN and was so touched by him and his incredible braveness. Thanks for the updates...I believe....
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germaine haymart
Hang in there Mom!!!! You have such strength..... Thanks for the update.....I believe....
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By Lynn Pintavalle
Oh Leslie how difficult for you. The reality of sending Jack so far away hit you! You will all be ok - it's just adjustment. Wondering if you are aware of the trials happening in Miami with the The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. I have a friend who has been paralyzed since 1981 and does fundraising for this group. Ricky Palermo continues to work to keep himself ready for the day that the cure arrives. Praying that that day arrives for Jack as well.
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Judy Streifel-Reller
By Judy Reller
Best wishes to Jack and thanks for your post.
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