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SOS…the international Morse code for help.

We're putting an SOS out there for people to help Jack help others. It's really simple. And it's really cool. 

On Saturday, July 19th, Jack and I are participating in the "Walk to Victory Over Paralysis" treadmill walkathon at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley (MN). 

What is this you ask…it's a national fundraiser for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network, which consists of 12 cutting edge rehabilitation centers designed to provide and develop therapies that promote functional recovery and improve the health and quality of life for people living with paralysis.  

Multiple treadmills will run nonstop at the participating NRN sites for a 24-hour period. For instance, current and former clients of Courage Kenny will be supported by a harness and suspended over a treadmill, which is part of their locomotor therapy in the ABLE program. ABLE stands for Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise. At the same time, an able-body (no pun intended) - like me - will walk on a separate treadmill that will be placed next to the Therastride where Jack will walk.

It takes four specially trained therapists to assist the client - two to move the participant's legs, another to stand behind and help support the client in an upright position, and one to monitor the movement on a computer. It's quite a process, but oh-so-worth it. 

Just ask Jack. He'll tell you how ABLE therapy at Courage Kenny has been essential to his health and recovery process. Since starting the program, Jack has regained abilities that were lost because of his injury. It's also kept him healthy. We all know how crucial exercise is to a healthy lifestyle...sitting in a chair all day is just not okay. Finally, this therapy is hard work and as I mentioned, it takes a team to make it possible.

It's an incredible team of ABLE therapists and clients and one that we wish every person living with paralysis could be a part of. But, they're not and that's why we're on a mission to raise awareness and funds for the program. Our BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation has provided scholarships to fellow Courage Kenny clients who have been in need of funds so that they can have access to the ABLE therapy. It's expensive and often not covered by insurance. Yet it's critical to the well being of people living with paralysis. 

With that said, we hope you'll consider helping Jack help the Courage Kenny team in the Walk to Victory Over Paralysis this week.

All donations will support Courage Kenny and other NeuroRecovery Network sites across the country. Your gift will help more people living with paralysis benefit from ABLE therapy.

Here's a link to Jack's page on the event site: If you're able, we'd love your support. There's a donation tab on the top right side of the page. Even just spreading the word about the importance of ABLE is greatly appreciated. 

Jack and I will be walking on Saturday at noon. And, our friend Lisa Sfarzo will be walking in Jack's honor at the same time at Journey Forward, the NeuroRecovery site in Canton, MA. Thanks Lisa!

We hope you'll help Jack help others. 

Thanks so much!

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john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Hi Jack & Family.......Have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!!!!:) GOD BLESS all!!!!
Carol & John
nancy shaver
By nancy shaver
Good evening:
It is such a wonderful thing that in the midst of all the things your family is experiencing, you yet remember others and continue to reach out to the many who also need encouragement and assistance. May God bless your tireless efforts and bring joy and healing to those who need it. In His love, Nancy
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john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Hi Jack and Family, Best of Luck with your walkathon and what fantastic organizations will benefit from this. Jack, from your tragic injury you have done sooooooooooooo much good to so many people with similar are a WONDERFUL family!!!!! Take care, dear heart, and GOD BLESS all!!!!
Carol & John G.
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Deborah Gregson
By Deborah
Posting on my FB page & sending a donation. Keep moving forward.
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Lisa Ellenbogen
By Lisa Ellenbogen
Hi Jack! I can't wait to join forces with you and your mom on Saturday to support the Team Reeve Walk to Victory! Added some cardio into my workout routine today so I can be ready!!!! #bel13ve
Always Bel13ving
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