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A "Knight" to Remember

May 30, 2014. 

Oh what a 'Knight"!!! 

I have flashbacks of Jack in the hospital in 2012. He vowed to graduate with his BSM class on time. At the time, it seemed like a long-shot. Jack had missed more than a semester of school. We brought in tutors that spring and summer. But his health was a bit rocky and our focus was on getting Jack stronger. Yet he insisted on keeping up with his studies. I remember saying it would be okay if he didn't graduate on time.

Perhaps it was a selfish wish on my part…why should we rush him out of Benilde-St. Margaret's? There's so much comfort in the BSM community. Jack did, after all, suffer a life-changing injury. All of a sudden, all things "normal" didn't apply anymore. Let's just ease our way out of high school and move on when the time is right. 

But no, Jack was adamant about graduating with his class in 2014. He returned to school in the fall of 2012. He buckled down, caught up, and graduated last night. On time. With his class…the Class of 2014. 

And what a night it was. Certainly a "Knight" to remember. The ceremony was slick. BSM has nailed it down. Baccalaureate Mass is wonderful, emotional, filled with reflection and messages. Graduation is meaningful, quick and to-the-point. So, I never…none of us ever…expected high emotions to kick back in during graduation. But, they did.

As the graduates approached the stage to receive their diplomas, cheers, hoots and whoops were shouted out from the crowd. When Jack hit the stage, they (Jack's classmates and the audience) blew the roof off with their cheers. And it didn't stop.

Then, when Jack rolled back into the graduate section, the unexpected happened. One by one, his classmates, the parents, siblings, relatives and teachers in the audience, stood up. The volume was escalated and a long standing ovation kicked in. Once again, break out the tissues. It was a moment to remember. Forever. 

How grateful we are to the BSM community for their endless support of Jack and our family. How grateful we are to the Class of 2014 for being there since the moment Jack was injured. How grateful we are to all for bel13ving in our son. 

Here's a link to a short video I took of Jack receiving his diploma:

I wish I had not turned off my camera. But I truly thought that was it. And then the standing "O" kicked in. I was too much of a mess to capture that moment. But, it's one I will always remember in my mind. 

A "Knight" to remember. Jack…you are and will be a BSM Red Knight, always and forever. 

Congratulations to the BSM Class of 2014. 

And our sincerest gratitude to the entire BSM community. 

Always and forever in our hearts. 

And Jack…You. Did. It!!!!

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Karen V
By Karen
LOVE this! Congratulations, Jack! You will continue to do AMAZING things in your life! I BEL13VE!!
Sue Hieb-Stewart
By Sue Hieb-Stewart
You rock, congrats and good luck in your new ventures you will be great!
Sue ( OT at HCMC)
Mel Koch
By Mel Koch
Congratulations Jack and the entire Jablonski family. When you set your mind to do something Jack, you pull through. Good luck to you on your next journey. What an inspiration you are to all ! ! !
Nanci Zenner
By Nanci Zenner
Truly an inspiration to all! Congrats!🎓
Brenda Sherwood
Jack, Congratulations graduate! Thank your Mom for the continuous updates. I always look forward to her posts. Good luck in college!
Louise Daley
By Louise Daley
I continue to pray for you daily. God has great things in store for you.
carla moscone
By carla moscone
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Good Morning Jack!:) We hope you and Max are sooooooooo enjoying your summer vacation....I know you are still busy doing your therapy sessions but I'm sure there a bit more fun not having such a busy schedule with school too! Have a good week Jack, Max, Leslie, and Mike and GOD BLESS all!!!
LOVE & Prayers~
Carol & John G.
PS. Mike, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!:)
Kathie Plaisance
By Kathie
Congratulations Jack on your graduation and best wishes on your brilliant future!
danelle russo
By danelle in San Diego
Congratulations, Jack!! What a tremendous accomplishment!! I am very, very impressed by your character!
God bless you and your family.