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Senior Moments

The older I get the more forgetful I’ve become. I’ve been known to walk into a room to get something and then for the life of me, I cannot remember what I was supposed to get. Perhaps my brain is running out of storage space. Or maybe I’ve got so much on my mind that I find myself completely overwhelmed.

Either way, I often joke and say I’m having a “senior moment.” (No offense intended to anyone by this comment). And, I don’t blame you for possibly thinking that my senior moments are the cause of me forgetting to post updates lately. Could be.

Now that Jack is a senior in high school, there are so many monumental moments to remember, and certainly ones I hope to never forget.

Here are a few recent highlights:

BSM Hockey. We had our team year-end banquet a few weeks ago. It was much more emotional than I had expected. Actually, I knew it would be a hard event to take in since this is the end of an era – Jack’s high school hockey days. It was time to say goodbye to a community that has been incredibly supportive of Jack and our family. Had Jack not played hockey, I wouldn’t be writing this. But, he was injured playing the sport he loved most and for such a huge tragedy, we’ve been blessed with so much goodness.

Two surprises evolved from the hockey banquet. First, Jack was the recipient of the Hobey Baker Character Award. Such an honor. Second, Coach Pauly announced that BSM will be retiring Jack’s jersey. Hardly a dry eye in the room when he said that he couldn’t imagine anyone else ever wearing #13. Wow. Such a gracious thing to do. Coach – you are truly a class act and we appreciate ALL that you’ve done for Jack.

Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association. We headed to Parade Ice Garden a few hours after the BSM hockey banquet for yet another unbelievable tribute to Jack. Although we knew about Jack’s youth hockey association retiring #13, we had no idea of the magnitude of the event. 

There was an all-star hockey game that included many well-known local hockey legends and some of Jack’s line-mates from his Bantam A team. In a touching ceremony, the jersey was retired, a #13 banner hung on the wall of the arena, and the firemen presented Jack with a beautiful plaque. The crowd let out a huge cheer and of course, more tears for me. A very moving and memorable tribute by another organization that has been so very supportive. 

Spring Break. Sanibel Island. A fabulous break from our wicked winter. We had a wonderful week relaxing on the beach, taking in the sun (and rain, but hey, it was warm!), and enjoying the company of some very dear friends. 

Jack was a trooper. Traveling is not easy for him, yet he handled with dignity the difficulties of not having the amenities of home. Jack’s buddies and brother tended to his every need. Zack, Thomas and Max – thank you!

College. Jack received extraordinary news when we returned from Spring Break. In the pile of mail was a packet from USC. I’m sure Jack’s heart was racing as we ripped open the envelope. Out slipped a red folder with the words “Welcome to the Trojan Family.” Wahoo!!!! A dream come true.

We’re thrilled for Jack on his acceptance to such a prestigious college and its Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. His admittance to USC is for the spring semester of 2015. This is perfect since it allows us more time to prepare for such a big change. Let the planning begin…

Sensation. And last, but certainly not least, here’s an update on Jack’s progress. There are a few things to note: Jack felt a vibrating sensation in a few fingers (pinky on the left hand; pinky and ring finger on the right hand) when pressure was applied to his shoulder area AND he was able to push his toes down towards the ground a tiny bit as a result of improvement in his right ankle. Simply sensational!

Jack also showed an increase in his modified functional reach, which means he’s gained more core strength and balance, and his neck strength improved. Encouraging, for sure.

Thanks for your continued support…and patience with me for taking so long to post an update. But good news is always worth the wait, right?


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Rebecca Skoler
By Rebecca Skoler
Congratulations, Jack on your acceptance to USC! Even though Steve and the boys are all UCLA fans (Steve and all his sibs went there) they still think it's awesome that you were accepted and will be starting next year. Great accomplishment. We are rooting for you in all that you do. Thanks, Leslie for these wonderful updates. Hope to see you guys around Tin Fish this summer.
Carolyn Bachman
By Carolyn Bachman
Thank you for the wonderful update! Praise the Lord!!! Such special blessings along with the hard work is bearing fruit!!! The love in a family is also great glue and medicine too....
FYI... Walking thru a door and into another room is for real.... Sometimes it can be a Senior Moment or as they found in study at Notre Dame it is the real deal... even with students... thought you may enjoy the read....

(CBS) What did I come in here for?
How many times have you asked yourself that question after forgetting why you entered a room, despite having a clear mission in mind only seconds before?
It might not be old age. A new study suggests the simple act of passing through a doorway causes frustrating memory lapses.
What were we talking about again?
"When you go from room to room, your brain identifies each room as a new event and sets a new memory trace to capture the new event," study author Dr. Gabriel Radvansky, professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame, told MSNBC's blog, The Body Odd.
Radvansky's team conducted memory experiments on college students in virtual and real-world rooms, some with doors, some without. The researchers found that students forgot more after walking through a doorway - whether it was real or virtual.
The darned door serves as an "event boundary." That's a barrier that separates episodes of activity and files them away somewhere else, Radvanksy said in a university written statement.
"Recalling the decision or activity that was made in a different room is difficult because it has been compartmentalized," Radvansky said.
Frustating, sure, but Radvansky said there's hope.
He told MSNBC that people should carry an object that reminds them of their task. For example, if you go into another room for a pair of scissors, carry the object you wanted to cut or hold your fingers in a scissor shape.
That is, of course, if you remember to do that.
The study is published in the Nov. 16 issue of Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
© 2011 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Danielle Steffen
By Danielle Steffen
Jack, my son Zach is 11 years old and was blessed to meet you last year at the hockey expo and we took your picture together. He was so excited to meet you, he forgot his own name! In December, as a 1st year PeeWee, he sustained a severe neck ligament strain that has likely ended his hockey career. Although he has made a nearly full recovery at this point, it's tough for him to think about a life without hockey. Your strength, courage and perseverance is a constant reminder to us that each day is a gift from God. Best wishes to you on your graduation and acceptance to USC! Let your light shine!
Beverly Olson
By Beverly Olson, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
USC!! Congratulations, Jack! Glad you all had a good time during spring break. Even happier about Jack's physical progress...however small it may be considered by some, I know those little things are monumental.

Dena Sneek
By Dena Sneek
Jack & family,
glad to read where Jack has been accepted into college.this is a big event in your life!it sounds like you all have been keeping busy.sending prayers your way tonite.
shirley brausen
By Shirley Brausen
I got tears when I read they retired Jack's "13 jersey. He continues to be in my nightly prayers.
Barb Esposito
By Barb Esposito
yes this was worth the wait! great news jack!! your my inspiration !!
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Ruth Boudet
By Ruth Boudet (Rochester, MN)
Your family is a true inspiration to the human spirit and the lengths we will go to for our loved ones. It can't be easy at all to be thrust into that role but sometimes we do not choose our path, it is chosen for us. God bless all of you and may you continue to celebrate life together and the adventures to come. Congratulations to Jack on choosing a college and keeping his light shining!!
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