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Two Years...

Greetings to all of you and many, many thanks for your continued support. We appreciate your wonderful comments and good wishes. 

Today is December 30th...the anniversary of Jack's injury. 

Two years now. Hard to believe. 

I don't know why, but it's been an emotional weekend. I couldn't even step foot in the hockey rink. BSM played in their annual holiday tournament - the same one in which Jack was hurt (I still struggle to say the word "paralyzed"), and Max had games as well. But I just couldn't go. 

Instead, I hung low and found myself reflecting on the last two years. We've been blessed in more ways than anyone could imagine. The support for Jack and our family has been unprecedented. Truly incredible. And never ending. For that, we are forever grateful. 

I also keep thinking of two years ago today. We woke up and had no idea what was about to happen or how much our lives were going to change. In an instant. And there's nothing you can do but accept what's happened and move forward. 

We continue to be inspired by Jack and his positive attitude, strength and determination. Everything seemed hopeless when he was first hurt. He wasn't supposed to have movement below his triceps and the level of injury. But he quickly exceeded expectations and continues to do so to this day. 

Most recently, Jack has been able to use his right hip flexor to move his leg while stepping on the ABLE treadmill. As he posted on Twitter: #MovingForward. It doesn't happen a lot, but we're thrilled when it does. 

He's also felt some twitching in his fingers upon command, and he feels a tingling sensation in his thumb. We think it's because he's always texting. Whatever the cause, pain is good.

I like to think that we are two years closer to spinal cord injury recovery than we were the moment Jack was paralyzed. There are reasons to be hopeful...

In addition to providing scholarships to the ABLE program at Courage Kenny, our foundation - the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation - is supporting an incredibly brilliant doctor and her spinal cord injury research program at the University of Louisville. Her name is Susan Harkema and I had the pleasure of meeting her last week when we presented her with a grant from funds raised at our gala this past summer. 

She's on a mission to generate "victories over paralysis" and that's exactly what she's accomplishing. Her work is in the clinical study phase, but it is most impressive and so encouraging. I'll post more about this at a later date, but for now, Dr. Harkema brings hope to people with spinal cord injuries. 

And hope is what we hang on to. Instead of accepting life in a chair, Jack is determined to find ways to progress and defy the odds. And he will. 

We BEL13VE.  

P.S. Thank you "MR Old Time Hockey Dad" for the link to Jack's tweet today: