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Hot Ticket

"Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is?..." asks the camel on the Geico commercial. 

The answer? It's Hump Day! 

And Hump Day is Wednesday. 

And guess what folks?

Wednesday now has a new and fabulous element to it.

Introducing "Hockey Night in Minnesota," the latest show to join the lineup on the Twin Cities new Sports Radio 105 "The Ticket." The half-hour hockey-talk show is hosted by none other than my boy, Jack Jablonski. It will air weekly on Wednesdays during prime drive time, starting today, October 2nd. 

So excited for Jack and this opportunity. He'll cover the latest news and insights from the prep, college and pro hockey community and interview prominent personalities ranging from NHL players to coaches and administrators. Jack will be joined by co-hosts Bob Sansevere and Mike Morris. 

You can catch Jack on-air every Wednesday from 5:15 pm-to-5:45 pm CST on Sports Radio 105 The Ticket in Minneapolis and streamed worldwide.

Be sure to tune in!