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The King and I

What a week it has been. It was an especially exciting one for Jack who was bestowed with the huge honor of being crowned the 2013 Benilde-St. Margaret's Homecoming King! 

Brought tears to my eyes. The BSM students and community have been more than generous to Jack and our family, yet it was a lovely surprise when he won. And congratulations to all of the nominees. They're all kings in my court.

Ditto to Kelly P who was crowned HC Queen and congrats to all of the contenders. P.S...it was such a treat to see the girls and guys dressed to the nines! I'm sure they made their parents proud. 

Two more quick updates...

Today Jack tweeted that he "just got some feeling on the top of my right ring finger! #movingforward" Oh. Yes. You. Are!!! 

After Jack tweeted the fab news, he told me there was more. During therapy he was seated on a mat several feet above the floor. His therapist told him to move his right leg backwards. On command, HE DID !! 

Yay! Keep it up Jack. All good stuff. 

Two wonderful milestones and a crown. What a great week.