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About a year ago a friend of Jack's whined about how much his legs ached. Rightfully so after a tough skating session. However, Jack shot him a look, eyebrows raised, and in a teasing manner said, "look who you're talking to." End of conversation. 

Oh how I wish Jack could say that his legs ached again. BEL13VE in Miracles. Wishes do come true. 

After a few intense ABLE therapy sessions in the last few weeks, Jack complained of feeling fatigue in his legs. WHAT?? That's not possible. Or is it? Once again, the boy is defying the odds. Love that!! 

Although we're 20 + months past his injury, remarkable things are still happening for Jack. Granted, they're not as frequent as they were for the first 18 months, but that's to be expected. We consider the post-plateau months successful ones. Reason for continued encouragement. 

And we can't ignore the overwhelming, almost daily, comments from people - strangers and those we know - who remark about how strong Jack looks (which he is...he almost knocked me over with an arm swing!).

My dear friend Lisa was with him at Courage Kenny yesterday. Jack was placed in his new, unreal, or as the kids say, "sick," manual chair after his ABLE stepping session. Apparently he was able (no pun intended, but that's pretty much what the program makes the client "able" to do the unexpected)...

Anyway, Jack was able to wheel himself around at a pace that exceeded what he was capable of doing just a month ago. To top it off, his upper body strength allowed him to transfer himself back to his power chair almost on his own. Sensational!

And, speaking of sensational, you should see Jack's senior pictures. We had an awesome photo session with the incredibly talented photographer, Chris Gernentz. You can check out a small sampling of Jack's pics on my facebook page ( If you're in the market for a brilliant photographer, Chris is your guy.

Final thoughts to share...Jack was nominated for Homecoming King at BSM. Such an honor for him. He's up against some fierce competition. We find out Monday who reigns for HC '13. Huge congrats to the nominees. 

And, thanks to all who participated in the first annual "BEL13VE in Miracles" golf tourney. FORE! It was a huge success (kudos to Suzanne and Diana), and a lot of fun. Proceeds from the tournament, and from the upcoming BEL13VE in Miracles 5K Fun Run - Walk- Roll (thank you Mack!) this Sunday, September 15, will go towards spinal cord injury recovery. Amazing things are happening in the world of SCI research. A must for our Foundation to support. 

Visit for info on our events. Help Jack help others with SCI's. 

Forever grateful.