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Jack’s Story

"I don't believe in Miracles, I rely on them."

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Latest Journal Update

Four Years Later

Holiday greetings to all.

I say this every year, but somehow the holidays seemed to descend upon us all too quickly. Time flies, doesn't it? 

With that said, it's hard to believe tomorrow is the four-year anniversary of Jack's injury. And tonight was the last night of Jack's life as we knew it. I remember it well. 

Instead of looking back, we'd rather focus on now and looking forward. Our world was flipped upside down on December 30th, 2011. Jack's prognosis was not good and there were many days when we simply felt hopeless. But oh, how things have changed...

We are forever grateful to all who have prayed for Jack and our family, and to all who have supported us in every way. Tomorrow we will celebrate the good that has come into our lives since Jack's injury. Yes, so much good has come out of such a tragic situation. And Jack has embraced the goodness and remained positive. We're so proud of him for all that he's achieved - one year of college under his belt (check!); an internship with the LA Kings (sweet); a Swim With Mike scholarship (priceless); access to advanced therapy that keeps him healthy and strong (ABLE at Courage Kenny in MN and Reneu Health in CA); and his continued determination to move forward. (*see photo of Jack during his ABLE session today at Courage Kenny)

Tomorrow also marks the third anniversary of the launch of the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation. We're on a mission to accelerate spinal cord injury research and propel the medical advancements in recovery from the lab to everyday clinics so that everyone living with paralysis from an SCI can have access to the miracles happening today. Yes, today.

As you know, our foundation has pledged to raise $300,000 over the next three years to support the Mayo Clinic's first epidural stimulation implants, a life-changing procedure that has already proven to be effective. We've also supported rehabilitation programs like ABLE (Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise) at Courage Kenny (Golden Valley, MN) that are crucial to SCI recovery. We're super proud of the work our young foundation has done so far, and we're excited about our dedication - and Jack's determination - to make SCI recovery possible for everyone living with paralysis from an injury like his. 

Four years ago we wanted to believe recovery was possible, but it was such a gray area. Today, we BEL13VE it is. It's just a matter of time. 

And this is when "time flies" would be such a good thing.

Together, we can make this happen (if you'd like to help, text SCORE to 91999 or visit and click on the Donate button). 

Wishing all of you much happiness in 2016 and sending tons of gratitude to you for following Jack's journey. 

#Love #Bel13ve #Miracles

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Bernadette Hanson
By Bernadette Hanson
Dear Jack & Family
Happy Holidays to all of you.
To Jack
So very pleased to read how well you are doing. Congrats. to you young man
on everything you have accomplished to date you should be extremely Proud of yourself.
Keep Moving Forward Jack
You truly are an inspiration & incredible Young Man
God Sped to You
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Nanci Zenner
By N Zenner
Awesome! You, as a family, have opted to turn lemons into lemonade! This is not something Jack signed up for, but as a result, so much good has come out of it! Your family has paved the way and brought attention to this matter! Jack has proven life can be equaling fulfilling and rewarding! It will exciting to watch what else unfolds when everyone BEL13VES! Best wishes!
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Kathleen Bennett
By Kathleen Bennett
God Bless you all.
Jack, You truly are an inspiration to us all.
May you all have a very Blessed/Safe/Healthy/Happy New Year.
Fargo, ND
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Kelsie Kverno
By Kelsie Kverno
Such amazing people doing amazing things in search of making SCI's more bearable. I still have so many questions about life after an SCI. My Joseph (Hennen) is headed to the Kenny in Golden Valley next week, and we hope and pray for more progress.
Jack- congrats on a year of college, that is no easy task- you are an inspiration to many
Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!
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Donna Lebens
Have you met our dear friend, Joe, "Joey" Hennen? He had a diving accident on July 31. Currently he is at ANW Rehab, I think it is Courage Center or Sister Kenney. He does have a facebook page. Would love for you and your family to support this amazing young man and his family.
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john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
GREAT update, Leslie, and soooooooo POSITIVE for so MANY people with this type of injuries....MIRACLES continue and in the future Jack will be "back on his feet" have an WONDERFUL foundation for this purpose!!!!! Now GOOD MORNING, Jack, We love this picture of you and see how far you have come.... it is AWESOME!!!!:) To this day, Jack, you continue to INSPIRE us on no matter what challenge comes your way to NEVER stop striving to over come it!! We are soooooo BLESSED to have all of you in our lives.:) Have a good day, dear heart and "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to you and your WONDERFUL family, Jack, GOD BLESS all!!!!!!
Carol & John G.
New Year xoxoxoxox's
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J Shirley
By J Shirley
Blessings and prayers to Jack and your family.

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Tammie Rhoades
By Tammie Rhoades — last edited
Dear Jack and family, what a difference you've all made in so many lives!!! Though we've never met, I've followed your journey since day one, thank you Leslie for keeping the world up on all the exciting encounters on this journey. God is Great!! The power of prayer is Amazing! Keep on this glorious path and the possibilities are endless!! I Love seeing and hearing of all your accomplishments both in the public and behind the scenes. Though the road is not always smooth, as a team you will always find your ways, strength and faith and God driven determination will continue to bring you places. Keep on Be13ving !!! God's Blessings always!!
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Ann Muraro
By Ann Muraro-Lacopo, Springfield, Illinois
Prayers for continuation of miracles and for success with the amazing work you are all doing to help others as well as Jack. You are an outstanding example of all that is good in this world, compassionate, caring, dedicated people committed to changing lives and I respect you so much. I remember hearing about Jack on the news and it made me so sad to think such a young man would be faced with a life of paralysis but Jack has shown that pity and sympathy is not the path he has chosen to follow. He is a positive beacon for everyone and I will continue praying for him, cheering for his every achievement, and following this site to keep updated on his advancements! May the New Year bring you and your family all the best! Thank you for sharing Jack with all of us, it is a true pleasure to 'know' you!!!
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Lisa Ellenbogen
By Lisa Ellenbogen
Always in your corner, and always #Bel13ving in you!
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