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Latest Journal Update


Remember (those of you who are moms) when you were about to give birth and you went into a cleaning, organizing, chore-tackling frenzy? That same surge of energy hit me today and I've been on a mission to create the cleanest house in America. 


Good question. Could it be the annoying green film of pollen covering every surface in my house (because I love open windows) that triggered my quest? Perhaps. But, I think the bigger reason is the pending arrival of Jack. Nesting…just like 19+ years ago when we were waiting for Jack's arrival, the same urge to clean came over me this morning.

And with good reason…Jack will be back next week. His first semester at USC went by so crazy fast. Seriously. Can't believe it's time to bring him home for the summer.

We're happy to report that all went well for Jack's transition into college. Yes, it was a huge change for him, and for us. We really didn't know what to expect, and we certainly jumped through hoops to make sure we had everything covered. Were there some surprises and bumps in the road? Of course. But that was one thing we did expect. We learned a lot and we met incredible people along the way who were a tremendous help to Jack. 

So, my maternal instincts are kicking in, big time. Time to make the house perfect for Jack's arrival, time to embrace anything but a relatively quiet household that we've gotten used to over the last several months. Time for Jack and Max to be reunited for more than a short visit (like we had in April - see photo of the boys together in LA). And time for me to be a full-time mom again. Funny how one child leaves the nest, then the other child suddenly seems all grown up and independent. Note to self: when you hear "Mom" or "Ma," respond. 

And I will, with a big smile on my face. Looking forward to a full house again. 

Wishing all moms a wonderful Mother's Day. 
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Bernadette Hanson
Hello Leslie
A very Happy Mother's Day to you. And Thank You for the continued up dates on your increidable Son Jack.
So happy to hear his first semester at USC went well for him.
Have a great Summer with both Jack & Max
Rhonda Passolt
You are an inspiration to all Mom's - Leslie ... Happy Mother's Day to you - enjoy your summer being a mom and having Jack back home. Hugs and love to all of you. Congrats to Jack on having a great first semester a college. Cheers to you all!

Rhonda, John, Kelsie and Josh Passolt
Lori Bray
By Lori Bray — last edited
Your posts continue to warm my heart - hugs to you and your family. It is awesome to hear Jack's first semester went well.
Happy Mothers Day to you Leslie ♡
Belinda Brock
By Belinda Brock
Have a great summer, enjoy that handsome young man.
Bernard Baltaxe
By Bernard Baltaxe
Jack is a Trojan! That is great. Maybe you'll come up to Berkleley for the Cal game this fall. Have a great summer.
Dina Conzemius
By Dina Conzemius
Happy Mother's Day! You are an inspiration to moms everywhere.
Terri DesLaurier
By Terri DesLauirer — last edited
Good luck with the transition! I am looking forward to hearing more about your family and Jack. Thank you for continuing to share your journey <3

And Happy Mother's Day!!
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David  Hooten
By David Hooten
Great news! Go Jack! Thinking about you in Destin Florida.
Jane & Pete Poskie
By jane poskie
enjoy! happy to hear all went well
David Mora
By David J. Mora
Happy Mother's Day, wishing you and the family a Blessed and great summer!