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By Joanne Wafer — Dec 14, 2014 11:44pm

Wishing you an awesome week in therapy and in Christmas preparations. Hope your holiday season is going well so far and that you've been doing well also. I still have your number 13 on my goalie stick and plan to add it to each new stick/tape job. Prayers every night from Montréal. Stay strong, Jack!

By Joanne Wafer — Dec 8, 2014 12:02am

Wishing you a great week in therapy and in college preparations. Hope they've been going well and that you're starting to feel more excitement as it gets closer. Make sure to stay warm as the weather gets much colder, brrrr. Prayers every night from Montréal. Stay strong, Jack!

By Kathleen Bennett — Nov 17, 2014 9:48am

Just have to say again that my heart goes out to Patrick AND his family, I heart aches for them all. AND to you Leslie and your beloved family, I;l say it over & over again" Jack, you are truly an inspiration to us all".   I do not know any of you *** I've said that before also BUT I truly believe that me working in the Fargo, ND public school system, no matter what school & or tragic event, we all pull together & support one another.   I can not imagine loosing a child. I better close before I say a wrong comment also.  GOD'S BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU!.  Any way, any person that does not have compassion for Patrick's family & you also Jack are just not Godly people, but OK, who am I to judge. Love to you all. Please everyone take a very good luck at Jack's tremendous smile. I LOVE IT!   It will be tough days ahead/weeks and even months ahead & the Christmas season approaching. Keep the faith!  I'm known as "Chatty Cathy" to many people so I could go on & on but I won't. If ever in FGO. Look me up in the Lunch room from 1040 AM-120 PM at Centennial Elementary.   All be safe/Stay warm!  From;;Fargo, ND

By Joanne Wafer — Nov 16, 2014 9:39pm

Wishing you a great week in therapy and in college preparations! Hope things have been going well and that you've been progressing both in therapy and in the preparations for college. Must be exciting that it is fast approaching. Prayers every night from Montréal (and extra prayers for Patrick and his family). Stay strong, Jack!

By darlene benson — Nov 15, 2014 6:27pm

I am writing in response to the post regarding Patrick. (And especially to the 'anonymous' person who left a rather sarcastic msg)

It is a TRAGEDY when L1F3 as you know it is suddenly taken from you. How dare anyone comment on what that's about. The Jablonski family is full of heart, sincerity and humble character. And they have handled their trials with such grace and dignity that no one has the right to judge. Everything they do isn't only for Jack but for all who face such challenges. Get over yourself, mr or ms 'Anonymous ' you have no right to say what you did.

By Joanne Wafer — Nov 2, 2014 10:02pm

Wishing you an amazing week in therapy and everything else! Keep working hard and BEL13VING in yourself, as we all do. Your #13 is still written on my goalie stick and will continue to be for years to come. Prayers every night from Montréal. Stay strong, Jack!

By veronica collins — Nov 2, 2014 6:01am

I read your latest post and I saw Jack on the game last night. I was thinking about you and your family and was compelled to share my thoughts.
I was thinking about why this happened. I am a true believer of "things happen for a reason". Hard to see in the moment, but as time goes by and the fog clears those reasons start to become evident.
Thinking about Jack and your family, I see what you have put into spinal cord research and helping not only your son, but 1,000's of others with injuries. You can hear the passion that you have developed for the progress of spinal cord research and rehabilitation.
So, even though I imagine you would do anything in your power to change what happened to Jack, since you can't, you have instead taken the opportunity to embrace the situation and make a difference. Not all families could do that.
When a tragedy hits a family it shows that in just a single moment a life can change, a entire family is altered. What your family has done is shown how to overcome, persevere and inspire! I wish your entire family well! I look forward to updates as time goes by and can't wait to see Jack succeed!

By Joanne Wafer — Oct 26, 2014 10:41pm

Happy birthday Jack! Keep on trooping and BEL13VING in yourself. Life may have turned out way different from what it was "supposed" to be but just make the best of it and keep working hard like you always do. Wishing you a great week in therapy and in college planning! Prayers every night from Montréal. Stay strong, Jack!

& happy birthday Max; congrats on your license!

By Karon. — Oct 26, 2014 5:13pm

Somehow I never doubted Jack would go to college.  Not only that but somewhere any college freshman would attend,  We have all watched you continue to grow, become strong and independent in the last 3 years.  So Jack Jablonski, go forth and conquer young man.  (Also tell Max, "Great job on getting the license - you are on your way to become an independent young man too.")