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On April 22, 2011, Jack was life flighted to Children’s Hospital Omaha after suffering a life threatening seizure. An MRI showed a lesion in the left temporal lobe. Doctors feared HSV Encephalitis, a life threatening brain virus. A rigorous 21-day treatment followed. Later testing revealed our worst fear--a brain tumor.

On May 20, 2011, a tumor resection surgery was attempted.  Only a small amount of the tumor was removed.  The remaining tumor was declared inoperable.  Pathology revealed a cancerous glioma. During this time, Jack battled the onset of Secondary Epilepsy--a condition caused by the tumor.  After April 22, Jack suffered frequent partial seizures, sometimes upto 10 a day. The seizures persisted despite high dosages of two anti-seizure medications.

Specialists at Children's Hospital Boston were consulted in August 2011. Pediatric Neurosurgeon Liliana Goumnerova indicated that she felt she could likely safely resect the tumor, and at the same time achieve seizure relief by using intraoperative electrocorticography.  Jack's 2nd brain surgery in 5 months occurred at Boston on October 10th.  The second surgery went great.  After surgery, Dr. Goumnerova came out of the operating room smiling.  Dr. Goumnerova removed a golf ball sized tumor.  Nearly all of the tumor was removed, with the possible exception of a small amount of residual near the brain stem.  Thankfully, since the second surgery, Jack has not suffered a single seizure and is doing great clinically.  

In January, Jack traveled to Boston for his first follow-up MRI.  On January 11, 2012, the MRI looked great as the "spot" showed no sign of growth.  Jack's neurologist then aggressively began tapering Keppra.  By March 22, 2012, Jack was down to one anti-seizure medicine.

A 6-month post operation MRI on April 18, 2012 in Boston surprisingly revealed a progression of the "spot." The "spot" is inoperable.  Doctors have now decided that chemotherapy was the next best therapy. Accordingly, Jack had a port surgery on April 26, 2012 and began 60 weeks of chemotherapy on April 27, 2012, at CH Omaha.  His chemotherapy will continue until approximately July 2013.

Jack and his family have received incredible support.  Jack has a very loving family and community.  Nebraska's Rex Burkhead has also helped make people aware of Jack's fight by so graciously wearing a "Team Jack - Pray" wristband during the 2011 and 2012 football seasons. We thank God for his involvement in Jack's life, as well as the thousands of supporters across the country.  God is good.

Jack and his family gives thanks and praise to Jesus for all of Jack's prayer warriors, supporters, and followers.  God Bless you all for your touching and overwhelming support.  


Andy, Bri, Jack, Ava & Reese


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Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Jack as he starts his new therapy!  All of his pre-testing and baseline tests came back ok but there were some ... Read more

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Jack, hope the trial treatment is going well.  Just think "when" this is successful for you, how much it will help other children.  As a long time Husker Fan, now living ... Read more

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Prayers for our friends! Glad Jack start on this trial hasn't been too difficult. Continuing our vigil! Read more

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We continue to send prayers to Jack and to the doctors and we pray that this trial will be successful for Jack.   He has been placed on our prayer chain at our church so ... Read more

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Glad they will be home soon. Pray that this medicine will work.Also praying for the other family that thy were able to talk with.GOD BE WITH YOU ALL. Read more

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hello my little buddy jack, i pray for you all of the time,, i love you little buddy,, please keep on getting better,, Read more

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Get Well Soon My Friend and My Prayers are with you as I had cancer in my Family and feel for you and you whole Family...Here is a picture I Made just for you Hope It ... Read more

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Sending so many thoughts, prayers, and good wishes to you, Jack, to your family, and to all of the health care providers taking such good care of you.  Stay strong and we ... Read more

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Thinking of you, Jack.  Prayers to you, your doctors, and your family.  I think of you daily and have talked to my fifth graders about you.  You are such an ... Read more

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