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Marathon of healing continues ...

Today we were humbly reminded that when your child has an inoperable brain tumor, that anything can happen at any point in time.  Despite Jack's tumor being declared in remission (stable) last October, today we learned that that is no longer the case.  While we left Boston in April with the knowledge that there was a "spot of concern", we nonetheless remained optimistic that it was just nothing.  

Today we had a full plate of appointments -- MRI, neuro-surgeon, neurology and neuro-oncologist.  Doctors informed us that Jack's brain tumor has grown since the April MRI.  This tumor reoccurrence is going to require some type of therapy.  The tumor reoccurrence is potentially resectable.  Thus, surgery is now an option. Options include a third neurosurgery and/or a second round of chemotherapy.

We have multiple chemotherapy options to consider.  One of those options includes a clinical trial that is available here in Boston and is a targeted therapy which would target a specific genetic mutation that Jack has (his tumor was tested for this after his 2011 Boston Children's surgery). Like other cancer treatments, this poses a secondary cancer risk and has other side effects.  Plus it would involve extensive travel.  We are checking on availability of this trial in Denver.  

Tomorrow all of Jack's doctors will be round tabling his case again.  They are going to follow-up with a final recommendation.  Regardless, it will include a second round of chemotherapy.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Jack is doing great.  This is a mild setback and everyone remains optimistic for Jack, including and especially his Mom and Dad.  We love you all and can't thank you enough for your support.  

As a very special treat for Jack, tomorrow after landing in Omaha, we are going to take Jack to the Bengals v. Chiefs game in KC to watch his friend Rex play. #WhoDey! Have a great evening with your family.

Andy, Bri, Jack, Ava & Reese

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Kerrie Lambert
By Tim, Kerrie, Carli, Bethany, and Molly Lambert
Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!
Michelle Pozehl
By Michelle Pozehl
Jack keep strong. Your an amazing boy with lots of special talents. My prayers to you. Go Buskers.
Danielle Fells
Lots of prayers to Jack & his family & for all the medical personal taking care of him. Jack you are an inspiration to many!
andee klug
By Andee Klug if Battle Creek, NE
May God hold Jack and his families hand and guide them. May your faith hold strong.
Candy Clark
By Candy
I will say extra prayers for your family tonight. God Speed!
Gail Allen
By Gail Allen
I have lung cancer and have been on a targeted therapy since January 2009. It continues to work miracles for me, so hopefully if Jack can get on the trial, he will have the same angels! There is also a doctor in Houston who has had great successes with childhood brain tumors. The Burzynski Clinic. They have a website.
Sandy Follette
By Sandy Follette
😢 Many prayer for Jack and the family!!! Keep fighting and never give up!
Susan Heanue
By Susan Heanue
Sometimes you just have to say ...what the hell, but Jack you have some amazing people working for you and folks from around the world saying a prayer, so that is something, something very special. Your fight has brought attention to not just childhood cancer, but all forms, making people more aware then ever before. You are a champion for life.
Barb Eastman
By Barb Eastman
Prayers for all. Philippians 4:13
Barb Matson
By Barb Matson
You are such an inspiration Jack!! Keep fighting.