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Marathon of healing continues ...

Today we were humbly reminded that when your child has an inoperable brain tumor, that anything can happen at any point in time.  Despite Jack's tumor being declared in remission (stable) last October, today we learned that that is no longer the case.  While we left Boston in April with the knowledge that there was a "spot of concern", we nonetheless remained optimistic that it was just nothing.  

Today we had a full plate of appointments -- MRI, neuro-surgeon, neurology and neuro-oncologist.  Doctors informed us that Jack's brain tumor has grown since the April MRI.  This tumor reoccurrence is going to require some type of therapy.  The tumor reoccurrence is potentially resectable.  Thus, surgery is now an option. Options include a third neurosurgery and/or a second round of chemotherapy.

We have multiple chemotherapy options to consider.  One of those options includes a clinical trial that is available here in Boston and is a targeted therapy which would target a specific genetic mutation that Jack has (his tumor was tested for this after his 2011 Boston Children's surgery). Like other cancer treatments, this poses a secondary cancer risk and has other side effects.  Plus it would involve extensive travel.  We are checking on availability of this trial in Denver.  

Tomorrow all of Jack's doctors will be round tabling his case again.  They are going to follow-up with a final recommendation.  Regardless, it will include a second round of chemotherapy.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Jack is doing great.  This is a mild setback and everyone remains optimistic for Jack, including and especially his Mom and Dad.  We love you all and can't thank you enough for your support.  

As a very special treat for Jack, tomorrow after landing in Omaha, we are going to take Jack to the Bengals v. Chiefs game in KC to watch his friend Rex play. #WhoDey! Have a great evening with your family.

Andy, Bri, Jack, Ava & Reese

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Rita Wilson
By Rita Wilson
Praying for all of you that things go well....God Bless
Mike Rogers
By MikeRogers
Get Well Jack and I do pictures on computer Design and did you a picture I am sure you will enjoy but not sure how to get picture to you
Janice Oswald
By Janice Oswald
So Sorry to hear all of this news, but we are All sending Tons Of Hugs & Prayers to life our "Favorite Husker" & know that God Is Good & He will watch over our Lil' Buddy!! Your family is such an inspiration & We are Pulling for All Of You! God Bless, Janice Oswald/ Pilger, NE
Debra Stonebraker
By Deb Stonebraker RN
Thoughts and prayers to Jack and family. We have all come to love Jack and think of you all as part of our extended Nebraska family. God bless and keep you strong.
Suzanne Shelpman
By Suzanne Shelpman
I just learned of Jack's recurrance. I have all the hope in the world that with the new chemo treatment trial, he will beat it back into remission. Keep the faith and know that Jack has so many, many people supporting and praying for him. Strength sent to Jack and the Hoffman family.
Dana Trawicki
By Dana Trawicki
Lots of prayers for Jack and his family!!! So sad to hear the cancer is back!!!
Janet Butterfield
By Janet Butterfield
Yes, we will be thinking of all of you and keeping you in our prayers. So sorry you have to endure so much of this travel and treatments again. As long as there are answers from the medical world and with God's help, we trust Jack will be OK!!!!
Don & Janet Butterfield
stanley boothe
By Sincerely Stanley Boothe, bty im on FB if you need more information
Hello Andy,

I know its a difficult time you and your family. Everybody in the Country is pulling for Jack "LITTLE HUSKER" Hoffman. I would like to provide you a website that might help Jack ------ASAP !!!! You and your doctors treating Jack may not be aware of Isoray Inc. Within the past 30 days, a little 7yr old girl from Peru had an inoperatable brain cancer too. The Peruvian Distributor for Isoray helped provide the latest Cesium 131 treatment. Cancer Centers of America has this application and are able to perform this procedure.
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Pat Murphy
By Pat Murphy
I am a native North Platter who has been in Boston since '99. If there's anything I can do for you guys while you are here please let me know. My best to Jack and God bless.
1 person hearted this
Deb Alexander
Sending our love and prayers! God Bless You!
Scott & Deb Alexander