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Medical update and Boston Marathon

Tuesday Jack had an EEG at Boston. We learned Wednesday morning that the results of the EEG were "normal".  This was great news, especially given the two surgeries he has had in his left temporal lobe. As a result, we may begin looking to taper his anti-seizure medications.  However, the MRI may not allow us.

This morning Jack had an MRI back at Boston Children's.  The final report given this afternoon was that there is a spot of "concern" that was brighter and approximately 5 mm bigger than in the June MRI (the base line one). Doctors at this point aren't prepared to do anything about it yet, but definitely want to watch it very closely. As a result, even though the EEG was great, we will probably not be tapering any anti-seizure meds as hoped.

The doctors all meet together tomorrow to talk about Jack's case so we are awaiting a final decision after their meeting. They rated their concern level, for now, at low to medium.  Radiology reports are an art, not a science. Clinically Jack is doing super and so that piece plays a big part in next steps.

Technically, nothing has changed about Jack's medical status. However, the physicians are being hyper-vigilant about a spot on the MRI that may or may not be tumor activation. Limbo awaits us for the next 3 months.

We were reminded again today of two things: 1) We are not in charge, God is; and 2) Never let your highs get too high or your lows to low. 

On a lighter note, Andy can barely walk. With one toe nail hanging on for dear life and his legs still on fire, he is still alive to tell about his amazing Boston Marathon experience. Please know that our family is so incredibly appreciative for all of the support that we received for the Marathon. It was an amazing experience, especially for a recovering offensive lineman. The highlight of the day was getting to "throw up the bones" in Husker style as he crossed the finish line. Bri was not surprised by his Husker antics.

Thank you everyone, again, for all of the love, support and prayers.  Our marathon of healing continues.  If Monday taught us anything, it was that you must keep running the race, even if it gets a little tough or if there is a heartbreak hill.  

The bottom line is that we are so incredibly thankful for all that God has given us. We are going to fight like mad on every single level, and are so glad that we have our son to do it with.  If you followed us on Monday, you can see that so many parents have not been as fortunate as we have been.  All things considered, we are blessed beyond belief.  

Thank you everyone for your unending support.  


Andy, Bri, Jack, Ava & Reese 

NOTE: Photo taken at Mile No. 24.6

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Chris Varner
By Chris Varner
i like this picture...
Kristi Norman
By Kristi Norman
We will be praying. One of my favorite quotes was from a Max Lucado book. "The King is still on the throne and life is still worth living. Love is still the greatest possession and the future is nothing to fear."

God is in control and on the throne, and what better ruler to have on the throne than our God, ready to pour out his lovingkindness and grace, full of tenderness and mercy.

Jack, we believe wonderful things for your future and we will be praying to a great God for you. Andy, congrats on a very long run!!
Beverlyann Brunswick
By Beverlyann Brunswick
Your family is wonderful. Jack has gone through a lot and still going strong.Prayers come with this note that there is a good outcome.
Niki Ruda
By Niki
Our faith is strong! I have been praying for encouraging and positive news today as your family learns more about this "spot" and about "next steps". Prayer is always the FIRST of a series of next steps.

Thinking of you and anxious to hear about the future!
Diane Bennett
By Diane Bennett
Hugs and Prayers are with your family always !
Karen Reese
By Karen Reese
My prayers continue for the Hoffman family. What an inspiration you are, so faithful and loving! You exemplify what devotion and love of God and family are all about. Thinking of each of you and the journey that you are on.
Jan King
By Jan
You are an incredible family and an incredible testimony of the love and grace of God. My prayers for you all and pray the spot of concern either goes away or just remains a "spot of concern". Sometimes those spots of concern are what keep our thoughts focused on God as the ultimate Physician.
Judi Muller
By Judi Muller
Thoughts and prayers to all. Thank you for sharing an update concerning Jack and his treatment. We all love him so much and pray for the very best of everything for his life.
Love, Judi
Elizabeth Ackerman
By Elizabeth Ackerman — last edited
We just met you at the Atlanta airport and I consider this an absolute blessing. Your faith and resilience as a family is an inspiration, and your children are beautiful! We lost our beautiful infant daughter in December, but we know we have a loving God who cares for His people. I believe He works through His people. Thank you for talking to us and sharing your story, which makes an impact on so many.
Susan Lechtenberg
By Susan Lechtenberg
Andy you are looking pretty good at the 24 mile mark. Way to go. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family. Keep up the good fight for a cure. Love you all.