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Jack’s Story

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Jack Capko is in the children's ICU at St. Cloud Hospital. He is on a respirator. He heart is beating on its own. Until the brain swelling decreases they don't know the extent of the injury. He did have some reflex yesterday. He needs your prayers! Anyone is welcome to come to see him. However, because of the tubes and wires I discourage children at this time, maybe later. Thanks for your prayers

Some people are wondering what happened. Jack was riding his 4 wheeler to the farm. He had done this many times before. He drove too fast and it turned over on him. He was pinned across the chest and his heart stopped. We don't know for how long. Neighbors found him. He was airlifted to St. Cloud Hospital where he is in ICU. He needs your prayers.

Latest Journal Update

One Whole Year

One long/short year has passed. Sometimes it seems like a short time ago we were in the hospital hoping for the best and then it seems like so long since we have had Jack with us. In the past year to help our healing we have put up a memorial wall in the house and a memorial garden outside. Jerry has put a memorial sign at the site of the accident. We still have the headstone at the cemetery to pick out and I want to have a quilt made of some of Jack's t-shirts. A scholarship fund needs to be established. All these things help out healing and keep Jack's memory alive. We won't ever forget him. Jack had a beautiful smile and a wonderful sense of humor. He enjoyed his friends. He loved playing especially kickball and hockey. While his life was short it had a great quality. He brought happiness to others.

His loss causes many of us to reflect on our own lives. I know I see life differently. I don't get too upset about the small things but realize how things measure up the great scheme of life. People are all trying to do the best they can, the best way they know how. We need to respect each others differences. Enjoy and value the present. Enjoy our children and take time with them. They are children for such a short time.

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for our family and the many friends who have supported us. Life isn't the same as before but there is still life. Where there is life there is hope. I am thankful for this feeling of hope. May everyone who has seen us through this difficult year have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.