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My Story

Isaiah will be 15 tomorrow. (April 28) he has now been paralyzed a little over a year, he is doing well. He can do most things for himself now.
He was paralyzed after falling from a tree. Feb 5, 2013. When he was first injured he was taken by ambulance first to the hospital in Shelby, then by ambulance to Levine's Children's Hospital in Charlotte. (The Shelby hospital had called the helicopter to have him flown but he could not be flown because he'd punctured one lung with one of his ribs, and the other one was collapsed. (It's too dangerous to be flown with a punctured lung so he was flown). So he went by ambulance.
When he was first seen at the hospital in Charlotte they gave him a very low chance of survival just for the night, he'd broken all of his ribs, and his spine and crushed his spinal cord, his heart rate was unstable, his oxygen levels were also not good. It is a miracle he survived the first night. He was in PICU for one month. Two weeks of that month he was sedated and incubated because his body could not tolerate the pain or pain medication.
The surgery for to stabilize his back was delayed because of his lungs filling up with fluid. The doctors had to place a drain in his side to remove the excess fluid. This remained during and after the surgery to stabilize his back. The surgeons placed two rods in his back.
When he was first injured the diagnoses was C7 sensatory issues, (that has since cleared up) then multiple fractures in at the T levels, with a break at the T5 and T7 level. He is paralyzed from T5 down, this means that he is at risk for Autonomic dysreflexia, or AD. (he has had these episodes several times, things that can cause this are UTI's over stimulation, stress, any type of sickness, waiting too long to go to the bathroom, any injury to a part of his body that he can't feel. That would normally cause pain.
Since his injury he's been re admitted to the hospital once with a serious UTI, and a very high fever. He spent three days in the hospital for that.
After leaving PICU, he went to the rehab floor to spend another month, he came close to being readmitted to the PICU while in rehab because of continued breathing difficulties, problems with eating, (everything he ate made him sick and he'd throw up, so he stopped eating, which led to the doctors giving him a feeding tube again)
After rehab, he came home and was able to go to physical therapy at the YMCA here locally. It was just before he completed therapy with the YMCA that he had the UTI that sent him to the hospital. He was only out of the hospital a couple of days before going to Atlanta, where he spent a month at the Shepherd's Center doing intensive rehab. This was the best rehab he has had so far, as it was at Shepherd's Center that he learned to be more independent and also learned to do safer transfers. *I really hope we can bring him back to Shepherd's Center one day.
Isaiah has not had any professional therapy since leaving Atlanta. We are trying to get an FES machine for him to use at home.

Isaiah is positive most days, some days he's not. But for the most part he is, and he has said many times he believes that God has allowed this to happen, and that he trusts God in all things even this.

We do have a fund raiser site for Isaiah, because the things not covered by our insurance total up to more than we have coming in currently. If you would like information on that you can send me a note and I'll send you the link.

Thank you all so much for praying this past year.

Isaiah Scruggs is 13 years old. He was playing on 02.05.2013 when he climbed to the top of a tree and fell from about 25 feet. He has a complete spinal cord injury. Right now, he is a rehabilitation program in Charlotte, N.C. 

Isaiah is now several months past his injury, he is still paralyzed, he spent two months in Levine's Children's Hospital, had several weeks of rehab locally, spent three days in the hospital here in Shelby, he has spent one month at Shepherd's Center in Atlanta for more intensive therapies. And he's had one outpatient surgery

He has worn out one set of tires on his wheelchair, the tires he has now are only a couple weeks old. 

He has been denied the standing frame by our insurance, so we've appealed that, he has also been denied an FES machine by our insurance so we've appealed that. (Please pray that we will be able to have these items approved or be able to raise the money to purchase these items) 

Isaiah has had significant support when he was first injured especially. Our church family has been a tremendous blessing to our family. 

He has not had too many bad days, he has had some bad days. Fortunately not too many. 

His faith and trust in God even on his bad days are remarkable. 

Isaiah continues to need your prayer support and we thank you very much for praying. 

Also since Isaiah's injury we've had to move so that Isaiah would have more room. In addition to our moving many of Isaiah's friends have moved or will be moving soon, as their parents go on to work in various ministries. 

Something Isaiah greatly misses is being able to go outside and walk the dogs or cut the grass. Those were two of his favorite things to do. 

We've set up a fundraiser for Isaiah to help meet his needs. You may find that here 

Isaiah's life has forever been changed because of his spinal cord injury. Please pray that God will help him to always trust him even when life is difficult. 

Romans 8:28 has been a blessing and a very real encouragement to me as we've faced this year. Because it is one of the greatest promises God has given to His children. And that promise is that "all things" not some things, but "All things" work together for good for those who love him.. And by that we are greatly comforted even when life is unpleasant and difficult.

Romans 8:28  
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


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