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All clear

Every result that is back has come back Cancer FREE! Isaiah is doing great and having a fun time in the hospital. In fact, I don't think he wants to leave! Right now we are waiting for discharge orders and he seems happy each time the nurse comes in without them.

The MRI today showed No Cancer! All other results that are in showed NO CANCER! We are still waiting on Bone Marrow and Urine tests but our Doctor seems confident that they will also show No Cancer! Praise The Lord for great test results!

The one concern today was that Isaiah's bladder was Extremely enlarged during the MRI! He offer has a very full bladder during long tests under anesthesia but this time it looked somewhere between a grapefruit and a watermelon! This concerned Doctor K enough to do a bladder scan. This revealed that Isaiah bladder was nearly empty after urinating so Doctor K felt less concerned and is sending us home... soon. The enlarged bladder may be a side effect from all of Isaiah's treatments. We will keep an eye on that but small side effects we can handle when No Cancer is found!

Praise God for great news and for the discharge papers that just came! We are heading Home!!!
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Leann Sando
By Leann Sando
Praise God!!!! Alleluia!!!
Laurel Petersen
By Laurel Petersen
Thank you Father for taking care of Isaiah, I pray that you continue to protect him and his health. In Jesus powerful name, Amen.
Gail Maahs
By Gail Maahs
Such good news!!!
Amanda Wisness
By Brett, Amanda, Wyatt & Will Wisness
Wonderful news! Praise God!
Rebecca Nelson
By Rebecca & Abygail Nelson
Praise God!!! What AWESOME news!!!! God is so good and so Faithful!! We are so happy for you all!
Danielle Shabronsky
By Danielle
So excited!!
Adrianne Flom
By Adrianne
Yeah!! So happy to hear this! Loved seeing your smiling fAce this morning Isaiah! But so glad you are going home with wonderful news!! 😃
Lisa Pieper
By Lisa Pieper
Thank You God!