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Back from Tests

Isaiah is back from his tests and awake from Anesthesia. All tests went well and Isaiah was great! We have not received any results yet but Isaiah is cozy in his bed with his Thomas the Tank Engine sheets and pillow. He was very uncomfortable on his back at the biopsy site.

Right now he is relaxing, playing Wii and waiting for Test results.

We will update once we see the Doctor and know more. For now, we wait.
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Erma Hammond
By Erma Hammond
Thinking of and praying for ya'll. Waiting is the hardest thing.
Adrianne Flom
By Adrianne
Praying for negative results for my buddy Isaiah!
Sharon Taylor
By Sharon Taylor
Watching and waiting with you. Praying for ease and peace for you. Thank you for the pictures. Isaiah seems so familiar and trusting. You two are doing a great job.

Hugs to you all,