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The PET scan results are in and Granny has NO cancer spreading.  The scan was clear.  Her blood levels that would detect cancer are much lower than before.  The Oncologist really thought that she had cancer spreading. We are all so relieved that Granny had good news on that day. 

Granny also had a follow up appt. with the doctors that have been following her from HCMC.  They have been watching her fracture in her back and they said she is clear to have her big brace off.  She can finally breathe more easy.  

Granny is perking up and making jokes.  She loves being at home more than anything.  Things are going well at home! My mom continues to be the primary care taker, until she is able to manage on her own.  She is gaining strength everyday.

Granny made a comment that she would like to go on another trip!  Yep Good old Granny is back, watch out Cokato! 

Stephanie and Family