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  • Written Mar 16, 2011 10:14pm


    The PET scan results are in and Granny has NO cancer spreading.  The scan was clear.  Her blood levels that would detect cancer are much lower than before.  The Oncologist really thought that she had cancer spreading. We are all so relieved that Granny had good news on that day. 

    Granny also had a follow up appt. with the doctors that have been following her from HCMC.  They have been watching her fracture in her back and they said she is clear to have her big brace off.  She can finally breathe more easy.  

    Granny is perking up and making jokes.  She loves being at home more than anything.  Things are going well at home! My mom continues to be the primary care taker, until she is able to manage on her own.  She is gaining strength everyday.

    Granny made a comment that she would like to go on another trip!  Yep Good old Granny is back, watch out Cokato! 

    Stephanie and Family 
  • Written Mar 1, 2011 9:09pm


    Granny made it home on Monday.  The transition went smooth and Kitty was at the door to greet her.  My mom plans to be the primary care taker.  For now we are needing 2 people to help get her brace on and to help transfer her. This should change as we get the routine down for caring for her at home and as she grows stronger.  PT will come out to the house up to 5 times per week to work with her (this will be great).  Granny is so excited to get home.  As a family we are so proud of Granny for jumping over yet another hurtle.  Yep, she is an amazing person and so strong.  

    I spoke to my sister who was spending time with Granny and she said that Granny has not needed anything for pain, she is eating better, and she is happy.

    The next hurtle will be her upcoming PET scan to look for new cancer growth.  We will keep you posted on those results.  Her Oncologist really feels that there might be another mass growing in her colon.  Granny has decided  NOT to proceed with another colonoscopy or surgery if a mass is found.  We will deal with the results when the time comes, for now we are enjoying the time while she is at home.

    Please continue to pray for Granny, this means everything to her. She is so thankful for all of you.

    Lots of LOVE,

    p.s.  Sorry it has been awhile since the last update.

  • Written Feb 4, 2011 10:37pm

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to let you all know that Granny continues to make progress.  She has been more upbeat and making jokes when she has a chance.  The pain has been under good control too. Now the next step is getting her home, everyday is one step closer.  She told me she really misses "kitty".  She is such a joy and blessing to have around, not sure what we would do without her.

    When the Lord created Granny, he made her perfect!


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