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By — Feb 24, 2011 10:38am
Dear Isabelle,
Well, here we are in the midst of winter!  All of the schools are closed and there must be almost an inch and a half of snow on the ground!  There is more snow predicted during the day tho and there are so many hills around here that complicate matters.  It is just beautiful--no wind, just soft snow. I am trying to take pictures of snowflakes, but so far, no luck.  Lowell gave me a beautiful book for Christmas called "The Art of the Snowflake".  The author has traveled around snowy areas such as northern Canada and Alaska.  He has a microscope set up with a variety of colors of backlights.  His camera is hooked to that and the pictures of snowflakes are indescribable. They are more intricate than you could ever imagine.  Everyone should look through this book in a library or book store--or best of all have a wonderful brother who will buy it for you.  He also got me a big book of pictures from the Hubble telescope.  Also, beyond beautiful. 
I have called you several times and don't get an answer--you're probably doing therapy.  We are so anxious to hear how you are doing.  Stephanie, please update!  I think of you often and you're always in my prayers.  I hope you are back at Carol's , enjoying your kitty. I have been going like crazy on the quilting this year.  Have got 8 quilt tops done and now am  hand quilting three of them.  Some were donated to the senior center (2 queen size and 2 baby quilts).  they will put them together and sell them.  In December, the quilts brought in $750. for the center.
Hailey is keeping very busy at college--she spends so much time studying and it's certainly paying off with perfect grades.  She plans to go this summer also.
Well, I better get busy and finish the cleaning job I started of organizing the area around the end of the sofa where I sit and do all my hand quilting, knitting, etc.  There's and end table and a bookcase and right now, I can't find anything.  
Again, please let us know how things are going.
Love, Karen