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By — Feb 7, 2011 3:39pm
Dear Isabelle, 
Was so glad to hear that there has been an improvement in your pain situation.  It's just about impossible to do anything else when pain is so severe.  I hope the rehab is helping to give you strength.
I was at quilt class this morning and we were getting things ready for 
our sale tomorrow.  We will be selling fabric (mostly fat quarters) and there will also be a sale of household items, books, and DVDs.  I spent the weekend cleaning all my kitchen cupboards and I took in three boxes and a large bag of things for the sale--a lot of mugs, serving dishes, etc.  Now I can close the doors on my cupboards and drawers!  Thank heavens!  I will be down when the Senior Center opens to get the stuff out for the sale.  Will work till about noon or so and then I have some other things to do.
The Surgery Center where I worked called last week begging me to help them out.  They hired a new tech and need a preceptor for her.  So I really don't have to do much.  The administrator, Mike, said he would pay me to just sit and watch her and answer any questions she has.  He said where else can you work where they pay you for sitting and telling someone what to do?  So I told him I'd help out.  They wanted me tomorrow but I have that sale so I'm going in Thursday.
Everyone is coming over Saturday for Hailey's birthday (it's on the 17th).  I'm just fixing a simple lunch--lots of wraps with asst. meats and cheeses, a salad, baked beans, etc.  She will be 19.
Well, I better get busy and finish the second of two Christmas throws I made.  Just have the 8 rows to sew together.  Then I can take them in to the Senior Center to put them together and pin them so they will be ready for machine or hand quilting.
Keep up the good work--thinking of you every day.  Thank Stephanie again for the updates.
Love, Karen