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  • Mar 17, 2011 3:37pm

    Hi Isabelle,
    We are so thankful to hear all the good news!!  Keep it up!
    Kevin and Kris

    Kris Nelson

  • Mar 17, 2011 9:48am

    Good news!  Glad to hear it.

    Susan Raisanen

  • Mar 3, 2011 4:36pm

    Dear Isabelle,  
    Want you to know you are in our thoughts.  We are so happy that
    you are in your own home and have Carol's loving care.
    Keep up the good work  -   with best wishes  Darold and Alison 

    Darold Nelson

  • Mar 2, 2011 9:29am

    Hi Isabelle!
    We were so glad to hear you are home! We will keep you in our prayers for continued healing and strength.
    Kevin and Kris

    Kris Nelson

  • Mar 2, 2011 9:04am

    YEAH, Isabelle!!  I am so happy to hear you are at home!  It must
    feel absolutely wonderful!  What good news! 

    kim morris

  • Mar 2, 2011 7:34am

    I am so glad to hear you have made it home!! I know you will be happier and well taken care of. Keep getting stronger. Miss seeing you.

    Sue Thomson

  • Feb 24, 2011 10:38am

    Dear Isabelle,
    Well, here we are in the midst of winter!  All of the schools are closed and there must be almost an inch and a half of snow on the ground!  There is more snow predicted during the day tho and there are so many hills around here that complicate matters.  It is just beautiful--no wind, just soft snow. I am trying to take pictures of snowflakes, but so far, no luck.  Lowell gave me a beautiful book for Christmas called "The Art of the Snowflake".  The author has traveled around snowy areas such as northern Canada and Alaska.  He has a microscope set up with a variety of colors of backlights.  His camera is hooked to that and the pictures of snowflakes are indescribable. They are more intricate than you could ever imagine.  Everyone should look through this book in a library or book store--or best of all have a wonderful brother who will buy it for you.  He also got me a big book of pictures from the Hubble telescope.  Also, beyond beautiful. 
    I have called you several times and don't get an answer--you're probably doing therapy.  We are so anxious to hear how you are doing.  Stephanie, please update!  I think of you often and you're always in my prayers.  I hope you are back at Carol's , enjoying your kitty. I have been going like crazy on the quilting this year.  Have got 8 quilt tops done and now am  hand quilting three of them.  Some were donated to the senior center (2 queen size and 2 baby quilts).  they will put them together and sell them.  In December, the quilts brought in $750. for the center.
    Hailey is keeping very busy at college--she spends so much time studying and it's certainly paying off with perfect grades.  She plans to go this summer also.
    Well, I better get busy and finish the cleaning job I started of organizing the area around the end of the sofa where I sit and do all my hand quilting, knitting, etc.  There's and end table and a bookcase and right now, I can't find anything.  
    Again, please let us know how things are going.
    Love, Karen 

    Karen Jordan

  • Feb 7, 2011 3:39pm

    Dear Isabelle, 
    Was so glad to hear that there has been an improvement in your pain situation.  It's just about impossible to do anything else when pain is so severe.  I hope the rehab is helping to give you strength.
    I was at quilt class this morning and we were getting things ready for 
    our sale tomorrow.  We will be selling fabric (mostly fat quarters) and there will also be a sale of household items, books, and DVDs.  I spent the weekend cleaning all my kitchen cupboards and I took in three boxes and a large bag of things for the sale--a lot of mugs, serving dishes, etc.  Now I can close the doors on my cupboards and drawers!  Thank heavens!  I will be down when the Senior Center opens to get the stuff out for the sale.  Will work till about noon or so and then I have some other things to do.
    The Surgery Center where I worked called last week begging me to help them out.  They hired a new tech and need a preceptor for her.  So I really don't have to do much.  The administrator, Mike, said he would pay me to just sit and watch her and answer any questions she has.  He said where else can you work where they pay you for sitting and telling someone what to do?  So I told him I'd help out.  They wanted me tomorrow but I have that sale so I'm going in Thursday.
    Everyone is coming over Saturday for Hailey's birthday (it's on the 17th).  I'm just fixing a simple lunch--lots of wraps with asst. meats and cheeses, a salad, baked beans, etc.  She will be 19.
    Well, I better get busy and finish the second of two Christmas throws I made.  Just have the 8 rows to sew together.  Then I can take them in to the Senior Center to put them together and pin them so they will be ready for machine or hand quilting.
    Keep up the good work--thinking of you every day.  Thank Stephanie again for the updates.
    Love, Karen 

    Karen Jordan

  • Jan 29, 2011 7:06pm

    Isabelle-Prayers do make a difference!  So glad you had the shots-Love you

    elnora morris

  • Jan 29, 2011 2:13pm

    Great Job.  We knew you could do it.  Pain can really effect our progress and attitude.  Continue to get stronger, our prayers are with you.  God Bless

    Ruby Sanftner

  • Jan 28, 2011 5:39pm

    Isabelle,  I think of you often throughout my day.  I delivered bread today and thought of the weekly visits we had at the Food Shelf.  I saw Pastor Johnson at the Dassel Nursing Home to do some visits and  again thought of you at Cokato Manor, hoping you are finding time to visit with Pastor and have a word of prayer and communion.  Hoping soon we will be able to see you in the pew at church.  I will pray for relief from your pain and healing and strength.  Best wishes are being sent to you and your family.  Hope to see you soon.  Barb Bakke

    Barb Bakke

  • Jan 28, 2011 10:17am

    Dear Isabelle,
    Just read the last update on Caring Bridge and am so happy to hear you are improving.  The updates are such a valuable link.
    I'm going to tell a "stupid moment" story on myself because I know it will bring a smile to your face as it did to everyone at the Senior Center.  I decided to go to the bathroom before I left class on Monday to meet some old friends for lunch.  As I was sitting down I accidentally caught a finger in a loop of string attached to the emergency pull.  An alarm started reverberating through the center and people were yelling "Fire Alarm!" and leaving the building.  I was yelling that it was a mistake but no one heard me.  When I got outside and everyone asked why it took me so long, I told them what happened.  It wasn't just smiles, they were laughing so hard they could hardly talk!  Many said it brightened their whole day.  Actually, thinking about it now, I could claim I did it as a test which they all failed.  If it had been an emergency, I would have been the only one still in the center and no one would have helped me.  I wish I would have thought of that excuse on Monday, rather than now!
    Just saw the elderly man walk by--he takes his dog for a long walk about this time EVERY day.  He's so nice  to visit with and he comes no matter what the weather.
    Shirley called me Tuesday wondering if there was any update on you--so I'll call her and let her know.  
    I pray the injections have helped the pain in your hand and arm.  
    Love, Karen 

    Karen Jordan

  • Jan 28, 2011 9:47am

    So glad to hear that you are back "home" in Cokato. Praying for those shots to work. Thinking about you often and what a great inspiration you are to everyone. God's blessings to you.  Thanks Stephanie for the updates.

    Heather Orton

  • Jan 22, 2011 11:13am

    Yeah, Isabelle!  I am so happy you are back in Cokato!  I am looking forward to popping in for a good visit soon!  Hearing of your progress has made my day!  Keep taking good care!  You have lots of "fans" who are cheering you on!  Lots of Love,  Kim

    kim morris

  • Jan 22, 2011 11:05am

    Dear Isabelle,
    Just went online this morning and am so glad to hear you are back in Cokato!  I'm sure you'll have lots of family and friends around you there--and isn't that the most important thing?  
    Lowell was just here for Saturday morning coffee. He is busy painting all of his ceilings in his house.  He painted all the rooms last year and decided to get this done too.
    We have bright sunshine here this morning and that's what's predicted for the next week or more.  All the temps are expected to be above 50 so that's not bad.  Will try to get some yard work done--at least picking up things that have blown around in the east wind we have had more than enough of this winter.
    I bought a new TV this last week-- a 46" high definition set.  I wanted to get it before the open wheel racing, golf and baseball start!  They are coming Tuesday morn to install Direct TV.  I have Verizon but since they switched to Frontier they are going out of the TVbusiness and made a deal with Direct--and I get free TV for a year by switching to Direct.  Not bad.
    I'll write more later--just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you are out of the hospital.
    Love, Karen 

    Karen Jordan

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