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Another Day, Another Doctor

Bella's dental appointment this morning went much more smoothly than the endocrine fiasco of yesterday thanks in part to a wondrous little intervention called nitrous oxide. Dr. Fisher gave Bella just a bit of happy gas to help calm her anxiety prior to putting sealants on her teeth to prevent cavities (9 years cavity free and still going strong!). In fact, her appointment went so well that I barely had time to finish my discussion with the receptionists about The Great Gatsby book vs. Movie when Dr. Fisher reappeared and told me he was done. Wow....that must be a record!

Dr. Fisher wants to continue to follow up every 4 months to closely monitor for oral lesions and reduce the anxiety and oral aversions which are so ingrained in Bella from the past 9 years! So we will return in August, just before school starts again.

Because I possess the patience of a 2 year old and didn't want to wait until the rest of the endocrine blood test results came in to hear about Bella's CBC, I made Ben call the transplant clinic today and get them. I don't recall the exact numbers for her whites, reds, and hemoglobin but I do know her platelets were 180 and her ANC is just over 1000. Yea! We're sticking around that range that I am comfortable in which always includes at least 4 digits. Still mild bone marrow failure, but not falling into the moderate range, yet.

And now for those of you I left hanging yesterday, here's the rest of the BIN story.....As it turns out, Bella DIDN'T push this other kid down on the playground yesterday. See, I knew she was telling the truth, sort of. You see, she did KICK him.....that little stinker does have a way with her words, doesn't she? Apparently the kid kept singing his version of Carly Rae Jepson's song over and over and over to Bella "Call me maybe, call me maybe..." That song is soooo last year and frankly it's well past the annoying point so I think I might have kicked him too! Just kidding. Well instead of just walking away, Bella got annoyed and hauled off and kicked the kid in the foot to get him to stop harassing her. Apparently Bella is destined to be an NFL kicker because the kid went and told the teacher, showed her a 'bruise' already forming on his leg (even though Bella kicked him in the foot), and the teacher punished Bella for it. She gave her a BIN which finally made it home in her backpack today. I'm not saying she didn't deserve it as she should never kick someone, but the kid shouldn't be harassing Bella either, especially after the rough day she had. So for the next week, Bella won't be having any friends over nor will she be playing on her iPad, watching TV, or using other electronics. Life is going to be pretty rough for Bella for the next 7 days as she'll be singing the jailhouse blues.