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Good news!

((sigh of relief)) After holding my breath and waiting for Ben to call with the results, my phone rang around 5 (the appt. was at 4:30). The results are great! The lesion appears to have simply been some sort of trauma to her tongue and it is healing as an injury would. It's nearly gone now which means there is no need to biopsy it. Of course, now there's another, different lesion on her lip, but the dentist says that one matches up perfectly with her teeth and he's fairly certain she just bit her lip. So, YEA! for good results and thank you all for your prayers. Thanks to God for keeping watch over our little munchkin, we certainly appreciate the way he continues to show us how precious she truly is.

Can you believe this pipsqueak is going to be 9 NINE 9 NINE years old in just 3 more days!! Sunday is the BIG day! Nine years ago at this time, I was visiting the doctor 3 times a week (1 ultrasound, 1 non stress test, which was VERY stressful, and 1 regular doctors appointment.). I was on bedrest and had been having contractions on a regular basis for 4 weeks already. I think by now 4 years ago, we had made the decision that I would be induced on April 26th as she would be close to full term by then. Little did we know that Bella was eager to greet the world and would instead make an appearance on the 21st instead!

P.S. In reply to your guestbook entry Katherine, I DO remember Bella doing that. She was such a stinker. In fact I reminded her of just such a story the other day when I went in to give her a shot and she 'pretended' to be asleep! Miss you!!!