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Hopefully nothing....

I'm headed out to pick up Bella from school and meet Ben so he can take her to an appointment with her dentist. I wish I could go to the appointment, but our kids have us outnumbered and the other two need a taxi service this evening for sports, band, and other activities. A suspicious lesion was seen on Bella's tongue at a routine dental check up 2 weeks ago and we need to make sure it's gone (could have been a mark from biting her tongue or a little sore from something). If not, we will likely be scheduling a biopsy to make sure there are no precancerous or cancerous cells hanging around in there. This is so deja vu from the lip papilloma incident 2 years ago, which did turn out to be nothing but worked us into a frenzy for about 4 weeks. I'm praying that this lesion was something completely benign and that it will be gone when Dr. Fisher looks at it this afternoon. Prayers from y'all appreciated as well. Thanks and ((hugs)).