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week 11

Today marks 1 week at the Transitional Rehab Center for Isaac, but it already feels like two weeks with the amount of progress Isaac has made already! Isaac walks and walks and walks with minimal assistance from his physical therapist in PT. He usually walks for 45 minutes then completes balance exercises and leg exercises such as leg presses and side steps. He is getting closer and closer to walking on his own, his balance just isn’t there yet. Isaac does well with transfers and standing that he is at the point that I can help him move from one place to another on my own. It’s a good feeling that we are able to help him out in some way without the assistance of three other nurses!
Isaac had his first real meal with his Speech Therapist. The cafeteria just so happened to be serving his favorite- Alfredo! He did very well with eating and drinking and she anticipates that with a good video swallow evaluation and continued progress he could start having meals regularly within the next week. Isaac is still not able to talk but at times makes noises and mouths words. So he is trying very hard. Our physician informed us that speech comes last and can be the most frustrating skill to return. Isaac is seeing speech twice daily and trying VitalStim and acupuncture to help restore his speech
In occupational therapy Isaac is throwing footballs and tennis balls with both his left AND right arm. Just last month the right arm had no movement, now he can throw a ball and flex both his biceps at the same time. He can also independently move around in his wheelchair using his feet and legs to move himself around.
The other day Isaac was playing hide and seek with Haidyn then insisted on strolling the halls to show off his baby girls to the staff. What a proud dad moment! Isaac is more alert and engaged than ever. He appears to understand what is going on around him. However, his cognitive skills have an incredibly long journey ahead as far as recovery. Isaac does not recognize numbers, letters, or even colors. Following directions is difficult and he is easily distracted. When asked simple questions, he is maybe correct a third of the time. For example we asked Is your name Isaac?- yes, Are you a boy?- no, Is Molly a boy?- yes. But this is what we are at rehab for. The intensive daily therapy and working with individuals who are familiar with and specialize in traumatic brain injuries are what we are hopeful in in helping Isaac restore what has been injured. We still have no way of knowing what and how much of brain function will return for Isaac, only time will tell. Our physician mentioned he will never stop healing from his brain injury, it is a life long rehabilitation, but the most noticeable changes will occur within the first two years after injury. The long marathon still lies ahead but we have hit the ground running.
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cindy ryker
By Cindy Ryker
So good to hear the great strides you are making each day . Stay strong Isaac. Praying for you and all the care givers that are making this a possible journy. God is good .
Debra Abbate
By Debra Abbate
Isaac and Molly,
I have been following your story from the beginning. You are both truly amazing and an inspiration to all of us. Your child is beautiful! Stay strong.
Maria Donahue
By Maria Donahue
So happy that Isaac is doing so well making great strides I truly believe everything will come back to him it's just gonna take time love and prayers
Lisa Miest
By Michael and Lisa Miest
Thanking God for each improvement and continuing to pray for Isaac's recovery, one step at a time!!!!
By KJ Detjen
Continued prayers for all of you, keep fighting the fight Isaac....#22strong!!!
carol williams
By Carol Williams
Dear Precious Family,

I am rejoicing at the wonderful news!!!!!! Isaac is really progressing!!! God is so good all the time!!!!!

I look forward to each time I see an update!!!!! You ALL are in my prayers each and every day. Can't wait to hear more positive news.

Love in Christ,
Carol Williams (Kingsport, TN)
Sue Beaudette
By Sue Beaudette
Way to go, Isaac! Incredible gains! Prayers will keep coming and you keep working hard and improving!!
Christi Larson
By Christi Larson
You are a busy guy and all the work you are doing is helping a lot!!! Happy for you. Keep up the good work and keep getting stronger. ♡
Faith Tietz
By Faith Tietz
Such good new. This would put a smile on anyone's face. God is so good.
Wayn English
By Wayn
Thanks Molly. It's is truly amazing how far Isaac has come and yet so far to still go. I sincerely believe Isaac is a blessed individual. While the tragedy was horrific, his desire to live and beat the odds can't be ignored. I feel honored to support #22Strong.