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Week 8

Isaac holding Malia outside on the 4th of July

Isaac holding Malia outside on the 4th of July

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We hope everyone had a fun, relaxing, and safe 4th of July weekend! Isaac and I watched the fireworks from his room with the kids and a few other family members. We had a front row seat to the firework show here and from our view we could see about 3 other towns shooting off theirs as well. Haidyn loved them especially the pink and purple ones.
Isaac has been getting some hard work done at rehab. He continues with Occupational, Physical, and occasionally Speech Therapy. He is also involved in Recreational Therapy which is music and social interaction. He attends, but not so much participates as he isn’t and wasn’t much into music. In Occupational Therapy he continues to increase his participation in relearning daily living activities skills a little more each day. He is making gains in Physical Therapy. The main goal is still to get Isaac up and walking on his own and over the week he has increased his distance from 200 feet a session to 700+ feet in a session. He is walking up to 1500 feet/day, which is like laps around this gym! His right leg has always been weaker but he is engaging it more independently during his walks and he is really looking great! He still needs lots of support from his two therapists for his upper body, as his core and arms aren’t strong enough yet to support him when he stands and walks.
Isaac’s interactions with us keep getting better as well. The best new tricks are smiles and laughter. His laugh has always been one of my most favorite sounds and I am just so excited to be getting that back. He has been laughing at his silly Aunt’s making funny faces (thanks Lisa for bringing his laughter back!), at jokes (classic joke Wednesday with Tom), at his favorite tv show The Office, and inside jokes made before the accident that Isaac seems to remember with his teammate Justin.
Haidyn is at camp this week, so Isaac has been taking every opportunity to bond with Malia. It continues to amaze us the connection he has made with her through this ordeal. He truly, truly knows he is a daddy and we see this all the time with his interactions with the girls. When I get to the hospital, he gives me a smile then reaches to hold Malia. When Malia cries he is the first to reach out and want to hold her and comfort her. As I write this, he is napping while holding his little baby girl on his chest. He was and continues to be such an incredible father!
We have been going outside frequently with this great weather. Isaac has this big wheelchair that we wheel him outside in and around the park. Haidyn often sits on her dad’s lap and Isaac holds on to her to make sure she doesn’t fall off. Isaac enjoys the fresh air and different scenery. Also a great time to play catch with his dad! Although he is right handed, he has an okay arm throwing the football around again with his left.  
Overall Isaac is healthy and getting his strength back. He continues to make great accomplishments at rehab for his brain injuries but still has an incredibly long road ahead. Hoping this week brings more participation from Isaac during his therapy sessions as he needs to ‘do his job’ with his new coaches! Just as you are thinking of Isaac, we are always thinking of you all as well. We are so thankful that you continue to follow our progress and we look forward to reading your comments and well wishes. Your encouragement means a lot to us so we hope you continue to help us push Isaac through this recovery through thoughts and prayers!
Always #22Strong.

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Barb Walters
Still continuing to pray for him,keep up the good work Issac.😊🙏
Bobbi Jo Riewe
By Bobbi jo and Tyson Helget (Former employee mankato landshapes)
love the news rooting for you Isaac!!!
Lois Barbknecht
By Lois Barbknecht
So happy to hear of the progress Isaac is making. Am praying for continued progress.
Patty Neubert
By Patty Neubert
I just want tell you I continue to pray for strength and courage for all of your family. It's so hard to not all be living in one place and traveling all over. It seems you always feel you can't be everywhere you need to be.i just want you to remember FROG fully rely on God and all will be well.i continue to pray daily. Thank you for updating all of us on such a personal journey your traveling.
Shannon Boucher
By Shannon Boucher — last edited
I have been checking this site often to see how Isaac is coming along. Thank you so much for updating us on his progress. I don't know any of you, but I am a mom and wife. You are all in my thoughts often.
Kathy Bade
By Kathy Bade
So happy for his continued recovery. Prayers work.
Pete & Mary Peterson
By Pete & Mary Peterson
Such encouraging news! Prayers continue as we are aware of the power of prayer! God bless Isaac and his family!
Tiffany Reinitz, PharmD
By Tiffany Reinitz, PharmD
Always thinking of your family and praying for your continued recovery, Isaac! You've made such amazing strides so far! Also thinking of Molly & the girls and your amazing strength through this challenging time in your life. Thanks also for keeping the community posted!
Amy Dunigan
By Aaron, Amy, Dylan & Drew Dunigan
The Dunigans continue to pray for everyone involved, such a touching update! We miss your smiling face Mrs Teresa!
cindy ryker
By Cindy Ryker
So glad to hear about Isaac's progress. He has a strong will to get better . And he also has a awesome family there to cheer him on. God is good .